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Zoomdojo has been busy sharing career advice, helping entrepreneurs review their startup plans and teaching students about innovation, leadership, philanthropy and other ways to expand their horizon. We continue to help students explore how to achieve better job access and career success through podcasts, blogs, workshops and conference. You can find out more about what we are doing, by checking out some of our podcasts and articles now on the Web by clicking on the links below. Read also what people have said in the testimonials. Check out our videos and events  to learn more about what we do. We encourage you to explore and tell us what you think or what you'd like to know more. We are always ready to provide our perspective if you'd like us to write for or speak at your group too! Let us know how we can help YOU

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Opportunity Index

Columbia Women's Business Society , April 2017

Columbia Business School South Asian Business Association Advisory Board, April 2017

Tandem Nomads, April 3, 2017: How to learn and embrace technology for your business with Ritu Banga

Virtual Enterprises International: Winning Women Joins Together Students and Professionals at NBCUniversal

Diane Terman

Project Entrepreneur, February 22, 2017: Wednesday Wisdom with Carol Rattray      


ITB News


Strategic News



Tandem Nomads, February 7, 2017: From Ex-Banker & Expat Spouse to Serial Entrepreneur

The Avenue: The Secret of Greatness, January 2017

India West, July 6, 2016: Zoomdojo's Ritu Banga Honored at CHI Luncheon

Lassi with Lavina, May 31, 2016: The Future of Work in a Gig Economy, a conversation with Zoomdojo Co-Founder, Ritu Banga

Medium, May 25, 2016: Skills Volatility - the Unfortunate Reality of Our Times, a blog by Zoomdojo Co-Founder Ritu Banga

Children of Hope India Honoring Ritu Banga Woman of Distinction, May 18, 2016

Intro America, February 22, 2016: Zoomdojo.com - internships, Jobs, Resume Builder

Cornell University AAP Architecture, Art, Planning, October 16, 2015: Presenting Your Professional Self

Global China Connection Board of Advisors

Global China Connection Vanderbilt-Mississipi Inaugural Conference 2015

Blue Ocean Global Welath: Empowering the Next Generation, June 15, 2015

Ezra Magazine, Cornell University, March 15, 2015: Alumna's Career Benefits Students: Interview with Carol Rattray

Innovation in the Arts featured in the Sing Tao Daily, October 3, 2014

Art Intelligence: Let's Talk About Art  and College and Career October 3, 2014

The Hindu Times Business Line, Sept 2014

MT Global: Women in Finance, April  4, 2014

CIIE @ IIM Ahmedabad: Interview with IIMA Alumnae, March 5, 2014

Global China Connection News: Partnership with Zoomdojo

Global China Connection: March 2013 GCC Insights Newsletter

NAAAP-NY: Rising Leaders Development Networking Workshop, February 12, 2014

CEN NYC and Zoomdojo Present: Women in Technology

GCC & Zoomdojo Present: The 6th Global China Connection Annual Conference, Columbia University

E@D: Part 1 Carol Rattray On Her Cornell Experience and Career Transition from Finance, to Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

E@D: Part 2 Carol Rattray On Her Philanthropic Roots, the Beginnings of Zoomdojo and How Cornell is Intertwined

NYC: Zoomdojo: Global China Connection Career and Networking Event

Zoomdojo-GCC Consulting 101 Workshop



Read these stories told by people Zoomdojo has worked with. What’s your story about how Zoomdojo helped you? Email us!


"Also, I find that Zoomdojo, the resource and network community that you founded is very helpful. It provides more college-to-careers opportunities for us, and I will definitely join this community and utilize this for my future intern search." Robben, Bates College

"I am currently  visiting your website Zoomdojo! I wish Cornell would switch over from Handshake to zoomdojo! The organization of the internships makes it so much easier to find what I may be looking for." Letitia, Cornell

"It is so kind and sweet of you to offer me help. Since I am preparing to apply for the program in China now ..." Hana Tran, Bates College '14  

"I attended your workshop last Friday on Career Strategies … as a first gen in an American college, and about to enter the current job market, I think that Zoomdojo is an incredibly relevant tool. I often feel stressed and unprepared facing the application process, especially because I can't turn to my parents as they have not had these same experiences.  Zoomdojo provides invaluable insight and help particularly useful in this market and for students in similar situations … You not only provided valuable career strategy advice that many of us will remember when we find ourselves in such situations, but also life advice which I believe many of the students attending can relate to and will take to heart." Lola, Cornell University

"The world hadn't been small. Zoomdojo made it small:) I met Helena through a Zoomdojo connection!" Paul Yang, Zoomdojo Young  Professional

"Thank you for hosting the panel last week for ‘Women in Technology’ and entrepreneurship. I had asked how we can actionably get women into the field, and I feel I received some very valuable answers. Events like these are excellent for the community. I will be looking out on your website for future events for women in technology." Najla Elmachtoub, Cornell University

"As always, thank you for your support and consideration. Your advice means a lot to me. It is good to have you in my college life." Serene Shi, Harvard; Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

"I have submitted my résumé to many companies through Zoomdojo in the past few days. The net I am casting is wide. So far, it is proven to be user friendly and helpful ... my regards … on behalf of many college seniors who this may have helped." Vittoria Bergeron

"You are amazing! Creating something from nothing and bringing opportunity to so many young people." Gretchen Mannix

"Thank you so much for talking with me at the case workshop this afternoon. You gave many useful and insightful suggestions to us. I really appreciate your commitment to bridging recruiters and students, and your willingness to help young people. I looked at your website. I'm surprised by the abundant resources here; the global database, comprehensive information about the apartment hunt, food for each city. It's really amazing!" Emma Fangjun Liu, M.S. Operations Research, Columbia University

"... thank you again for speaking at the Consulting 101 workshop. I find it particularly helpful in my search for future career." Kenith Mak

"My daughter was seeking interview advice, specifically protocol for a third round, lunch interview with a public relations firm, and I directed her to your website. It was really helpful! Much more effective than hearing it from me. She felt the interview went well and will find out next week whether she got the job. Keep your fingers crossed." Lucy A.

"I liked the international possibilities listed on your site, particularly those sanctioned by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn." Helen, Colorado College '12

"I’m planning to use Zoomdojo for internship opportunities." Elizabeth, College of Charleston '14

"Both I and Geeta have decided to give something back to the community and are passionate about it. After attending Jennifer Ma's talk, I received a validation that we should not give up on things that we are passionate about in life. BIG thanks to you for organizing and inviting us to these events." Jatinder Chawla, MD Child Psychiatry Fellow, Hofstra North-Shore School of Medicine

"Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us at the GCC career workshop last Friday. Your view on career planning was very refreshing. People always told me to narrow my interest and work hard to reach it. Your speech on flexibility offers me a new perspective. Thank you again! The Zoomdojo website is a very great and helpful site in general. Since I am interested in consulting, the sample résumé of the Mr. Entry Level Consultant is very useful. I’ve realized after reading the sample résumé that mine does not show my interests in consulting. In addition, the “where the jobs are” function is also very useful. It is definitely a great site. Thank you so much for your help." CJ, Columbia '15

It's very difficult to find internships abroad, especially when you don't know anyone there. There's a lot of paid services out there but I don't think you should pay just to be placed into an unpaid internship. Until Zoomdojo, looking for an internship on your own really was almost impossible without the help of a paid service. Randy, Cornell '12

"Really appreciate the effort you've put in into making this process easier for students like me … I think the search functions are simple and worked very well. I was especially impressed with the range of organizations mentioned, from large corporations to startups like Uber… I'm a big fan." Viraj, Stanford '16

"I had been looking for an organization that catered to students to travel to Thailand for only a few weeks, most of the programs I found had trips 3-months or longer. Through Zoomdojo I found an organization where I will travel to Thailand and Burma for a month." Diana, Harvard '17

"I would like to say that the workshop opportunity had been helpful in keeping the job search flowing smoothly." William, Cornell '12

"Thank you for offering those useful tools in job searching!" Olivia C

"I just landed my dream job in the non-profit sector! Thanks to Carol, Ritu and Zoomdojo for prepping me for my interview! Just wanted to give you a mini update on the job search. I was offered the position out of 100 applicants! Thank you so much for all the interview prep! It was a great jump start." Nicole, Cornell '12

Press Releases 

2014 China Forum at UPenn-Wharton: China in Transition

Keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking lunch with Zoomdojo, speakers, and moderators.

Career Fair for Students & Young Professionals in Toronto

The Lionet Career Expo (LCX) is the largest recruitment and career development platform in Canada. The LCX will have 60+ exhibitors and 6 high profile speakers.  

Soft Power & Hard Currencies: Balancing Politics, Culture and Economics in China

Zoomdojo co-sponsors Global China Connection's 5th Annual Conference at Columbia University, New York on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Also see event videos Sinovision and Jing Daily.

Zoomdojo-GCC Consulting 101 Workshop: Columbia University, April 13

Do you know the difference between strategic, process, and marketing consulting? Learn about the life of a consultant, experience a case study, and get tips on a career in consulting.

Branching Out with Science Tech Engineering Math + Art (STEAM) Careers

This Zoomdojo career information and networking event was co-hosted with the Marymount School Alumni Association on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the Pratt Mansions, 1026 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.