Find out in Ms. Entry Level Software Developer's Interview, why the second time was the charm, with the company that turned her down for an internship giving her a job. Then take a look at this résumé which you will find when you click on the link below.

Entry Level IT Sample Résumé

Ms. Start-up Product Manager is an Associate Product Manager at Pocket Gems, a tech start-up building the next generation of exciting mobile games. In her Start-up Product Manager interview, she talks about the importance of finding an area of work that you are passionate about, so you wake up every morning energized by the prospect of what you’re doing!

Ms. Start-up Business Development works in business development at Peek, an online travel start-up. She shows in her Ms. Start-up Business Development Interview how she translated a liberal arts education into a career in technology. Her career advice: always stay hungry for opportunity and experience!