Veterans require additional inputs to write their best resumes. Do’s & Don’ts for veterans writing resumes for civilian jobs in addition to the tips in Zoomdojo's Résumé Do’s and Don’ts section are as follows:

Resume Do’s …

  • Convert terms used in the military to the most comparable civilian equivalent vocabulary and terms
  • Spell out in full military acronyms     
  • Keep descriptions brief. It takes effort and discipline, traits which you have from your service. Apply with diligence to your resume – it’s work for a purpose! 
  • Ask others to review your resume, especially civilian friends and professionals, see if they understand your descriptions 
  • Include security clearance level
  • Include honorable discharge
  • Include rank at time of discharge / retirement
  • Include any training received- it’s education
  • Include awards, honors, achievements while in the service 
  • Select and save one significant experience to include in greater detail your cover letter especially if that experience is pertinent to the employment opportunity

Resume Don’ts …

  • Don't use Military Acronyms
  • Don't use Military Slang
  • Don't be modest about your responsibilities and accomplishments. They are to be recognized. This is the opportunity for you to shine on paper
  • Don't forget to convert responsibilities, experiences and activities first into civilian speak
  • Don't use a passive voice, or speak in the third person
  • Don't describe your experiences in great detail on your resume. Save in-depth information for the interview.