Résumé Creator : Education Tips

  • As in all areas of your résumé, be sure to list the most relevant and current information first. Start with your most recent / current place of study first and go back chronologically.
  • If you are still in school, remember to update your GPA, honors and awards on the Z-Portfolio© template after every semester.
  • Though much of the education information will be consistent across all your different résumés, you can tailor this information to the job you are applying for by highlighting “relevant coursework.” Though your major might not be as applicable to a potential job, you can help yourself stand out by drawing attention to the courses that you did take in school that could help you in your field of interest.
  • Though your high school information might be relevant when you are enrolled in university, as you get older, you will look more professional if you limit yourself to including more recent information from college.