Résumé Creator : Skills & Interests Tips

  • In this section you should include any languages you are at least conversational in, computer skills and programs that you are proficient in, hobbies and interests that you think will help you stand out, and any awards and honors not included in the previous sections.
  • Think of this section as way to showcase your more personal, positive attributes that round out the professional, technical accomplishments listed earlier in your résumé. What do you value about yourself and feel as though you should share with a potential employer? You will have to use your discretion, but this a good place to include relevant information that you think makes you unique and impressive.
  • If your job requires strong interpersonal skills, include social activities and interests that make you seem personable. For example, clubs you are a member of, team sports or social volunteer work all are marketable.
  • In this section more than others it might be easy to embellish or include superfluous information; as such, be sure to be honest and to the point about your most adaptable skills.
  • If you don’t have any hobbies or interests, try to find one! Hobbies and interests are a good way of seeming more relatable and can be a useful conversation topic in a job interview (and you will have something that you are proud and passionate about--which is invaluable in life, regardless of whether or not it has to do with job applications).