Partnerships & Initiatives

Zoomdojo welcomes partnerships, affiliations and ongoing programming with student organizations, educational institutions, non-profits which focus on job and career development for students, and with international student groups. Our personalized career offerings for our partners include career information and networking events, workshops and seminars, and enhanced access to our career resources.

An exciting Zoomdojo initiative is the Zoomdojo Young Professionals (ZYP) mentorship group and social circle. ZYP is a global community for young professionals which links them with each other; keeps them updated on Zoomdojo events of interest in their geographic location; allows them to share and exchange ideas and to learn from each other; and encourages them to assist and support the next generation of young professionals.

Zoomdojo has also created Veterans Resources to support veterans in finding jobs. Our database hones in on jobs for veterans; we offer enhanced career services and opportunities to network for veterans; and we actively engage with veterans seeking to transition from the military to civilian careers.


Our partnerships, affiliations, and initiatives include:

The Resolution Project

Practice Makes Perfect


Columbia Women's Business Society

Columbia Business School South Asian Business Association

South Asian Youth in Action (SAYA!)

Opportunity Nation

Cornell University College of Architecture Arts & Planning

Bronx Community College, CUNY

Global China Connection

Asia Society

The New York Hall of Science

Half the Sky Movement

Zoomdojo Young Professionals