Contract Senior Cash Equities Software Engineer and Business Analyst
Societe Generale

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Contract Senior Cash Equities Software Engineer and Business Analyst

Fixed term contract|Singapore|Banking Operations

Contract Senior Cash Equities Software Engineer and Business Analyst

Singapore Fixed term contract Banking Operations


Software development

  • Research to determine if solutions currently exist within or outside the business unit
  • Develop code using Software Craftsmanship best practices such as behaviour driven development, test driven development, continuous integration, legacy refactoring, continuous delivery and continuous deployment
  • Develop code leveraging a diverse technology eco-system with the ability to understand and deliver working software across multiple layers of the technology stack. (See specialties)
  • Contribute to code review, such as other software engineers in the team

Business Analysis

Ensure business requirement analysis activities:

  • Analyse business requirements based on prioritization given by Product Owner (PO)
  • Study impacts of business requirements advising on options, risks & costs
  • Help the PO and the team in deconstructing requirements into detailed stories
  • Translate requirements into cases into Functional Specification documents

Ensure the functional design of the product delivered by the team:

  • Support knowledge of the team on the business process with the help of the PO
  • Research to determine if solutions currently exist within or outside the business unit
  • Inspire team to search for the optimal functional solution and facilitate related activities
  • Understand technical constraints and participate to the product design
  • Prepare the design options for PO decision after team consultation

Ensure functional quality of the product and Production stability:

  • Analyse functional change impacts on current production SLA & OLA
  • Contribute to the BDD activities by providing users scenarios
  • Contribute to the functional testing strategy definition and to functional testing activities
  • Contribute to deployment through functional pre-requisites and post-deployment checks
  • Contribute to functional support activities of the team
  • Contribute to users change management (on-line help, training) led by the PO
  • Support the members of the team in their functional activities
  • Train new joiners and team members functionally on the product
  • Help team members in solving their functional issues

Ensure integration of the product in the IS in sync with the functional architect:

  • Analyse impact of product design on IS functional architecture
  • Understand and take into consideration technical architecture constraints
  • Contribute with Functional Architect in the choices of implementation within the IS


  • Perform end-to-end testing by defining test scenarios, documenting defects, and ensuring that the product aligns to the target visions before it used operationally by the business


  • Facilitate and coordinate software deployments to environments (aka Release Mgt)
  • Assist in drafting release notes
  • Develop Release Scripts and manage tools used for releases
  • Verifies that entry criteria for each release candidate is fulfilled prior to deployment
  • Plan and execute manual and automated deployments to staging, QA and PROD environments
  • Lead deployments, develop run books, develop contingency and rollback plans
  • Execute deployments to environments, while in parallel supporting ongoing application development

Production support

  • Supports inquiries, issues, and major events to identify root cause and resolution
  • Ensures Support processes and practices given by the Support Chapters are applied by the team

As Part of Tribe Governance

  • Participate to Technical Architecture Leagues of his/her Unit
  • Participate to Technical chapter of his/her tribe

If a member of an Architecture League (business or technical)

If they belong to an Architecture League, then they share, with their Business Line Technical Architect (BLTA) and other Business Analysts (BA), the responsibility of the definition and implementation of the IS strategy of their area. They are also in charge of consistency within their IT unit as well as alignment with the overall GBIS IS.

If a member of a chapter

Ensure the Feature Team is aligned with chapters related guidelines and practices (e.g. if member of Production Support Chapter, he/she ensures other team members follows Production Support processes and best practices given by the chapter).

Conduct Responsibilities

  • Responsibility to adhere to internal Policies that relate to you, your business or other businesses for which you have any level of responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with operational and conduct risk requirements (e.g. data leakage, security policies and regulatory requirements). 
  • Adhere to individual and where applicable department conduct rules in accordance with the FCA and PRA Code of Conduct rules
  • Responsibility for managing, controlling, preparing and escalating risk within the scope of your position and in line with existing policies.
  • Responsibility to ensure that you take reasonable steps to be fully aware of, understand and comply with all regulatory requirements from all regulatory and statutory bodies, trading venues, etc that are applicable to your role and business line.
  • To assist in the self-identification of all conduct related issues. Ensure escalation to appropriate stakeholder or function whether internal or external.
  • Adhere to business line mandates relevant to the role as directed by your manager


  • This description is intended to outline the main responsibilities for the role and is not an exhaustive list, responsibilities may vary from time to time as directed by your manager.

Profile required

Technical skills:

  • One or more of the following technical domain knowledge and related skills set.


  • Domains: Intermediation API. Business API, Data Modelling, Functional knowledge, Server &Hosting
  • Skills: Java, Fidessa Infrastructure, Fidessa Expression Evaluator, TCL scripting, UNIX scripting


  • Domains: User experience, User Interface, Intermediation API
  • Skills: FTW development, HTML5, XML


  • Domains: Global
  • Skills: Script, Nexus, Jenkins, Sonar


  • Domains: Intermediation API, Business API, Data modelling, functional knowledge
  • Skills: Expert Fidessa application knowledge – 5+ years OMAR, TMAR, PMAC, BEAM, PORTAL, MMA, CTAC, IMAR, etc.; FIX protocol
  • Skills: Equities business knowledge – DMA, DSA, Program Trading, Synthetics, Trade reporting, Middle Office (confirmations and allocations)
  • Strong understanding about the Business Line being supported

Behavioural competencies: 

  • Effective Communication (verbal and written) and Presentation skills
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Ability to make and implement strategic decisions
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Sound analytical skills
  • Team player, proactively shares information and collaborates with others
  • Take ownership of responsibilities and if applicable projects
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to interact comfortably with a variety of businesses, management and control functions across the bank.
  • Excellent stakeholder Management Skills
  • Individual contributor to competencies defined by SG Leadership Model
  • Ability to develop relationships based on trust and professionalism
  • Language requirements if applicable are as defined to support the role purpose and coverage areas. (English is the business language for SG).

Business insight

The aim of our Service Unit (GBSU) is to deliver day-to-day services to GBIS Business Units and their clients to accelerate the transformation. GBSU is organised under the following structure:

  • A transversal client group
  • Eight service and product orientated entities
  • A transversal data entity
  • Seven centres of expertise

Within each of these groups are dedicated Information Technology (IT) teams who are aligned with the mandate of the Support Unit groups.

The aim of the IT teams of GBIS is to translate ideas into action by combining the strength of expertise in IT with a deep understanding of investment banking.

IT works to ensure that it delivers the services the businesses need to compete and to serve Société Générale's clients. The objective is to deliver production services in a well-controlled and cost-effective way, and to deliver competitive application systems and infrastructure that allow GBIS to grow its business in existing and new markets, launch new products and take advantage of new opportunities when they arise.

  • Delivering IT services and solutions that enable GBIS to deliver its business objectives.
  • Ensuring a cost effective, high quality, flexible and well controlled production service for business applications systems and IT infrastructure (service delivered by RESG/GTS).
  • Facilitating entry to new markets, compliance with regulatory rules, growth in needs, adherence to market business volumes, and operational efficiency improvements in our overall front to back processing environment.

Summary of the key purposes of the role - Summary of the key objectives and primary goals

  • A Software Engineer delivers features for a Product in a business chain. As member of a Feature Team, he/ she works in autonomy and with a continuous improvement approach
  • Support deconstruction of customer requests into detailed stories by interacting with the Product Owner
  • Responsible for delivering working code that meets acceptance criteria as well as meets the definition of done at different levels
  • Responsibilities include writing code, deployment scripts, unit tests, checking code to source code repository, monitoring delivery pipeline activity, to ensure product quality and consistency
  • Participate in testing, deployment, and production activities of the team to ensure production stability, applying the guidelines provided by the chapters

The Business Analyst is a functional specialist, working with all stakeholders from all Business units and related parties, to define and document Business needs and software requirements.

The BA advises, reports and alerts to optimize and enhance solutions favouring the delivery of value:

  • Ensure business requirement analysis activities
  • Ensure the functional design of the product delivered by the team
  • Ensure functional quality of the product contributes to Production stability
  • Support the members of the team in their functional activities
  • Ensure integration of the product in the IS in sync with the functional architect

We are an equal opportunities employer and we are proud to make diversity a strength for our company. Societe Generale is committed to recognizing and promoting all talents, regardless of their beliefs, age, disability, parental status, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, membership of a political, religious, trade union or minority organisation, or any other characteristic that could be subject to discrimination.

Reference: 20000SSC
Entity: Societe Generale Singapore Branch
Starting date: immediate
Publication date: 2021/01/24
Contract Senior Cash Equities Software Engineer and Business Analyst
Societe Generale