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Compliance Trainee

Fixed term contract|London|Legal / Taxation / Compliance

Compliance Trainee

London, United Kingdom Fixed term contract Legal / Taxation / Compliance


Description of the Business Line or Department

Mission Statement of Compliance (CPLE):

“Build a Compliance Division recognized as a trusted, efficient and independent partner enabling a sustainable business development for the Group”.

In order to achieve its mission statement, Compliance activities are supported by 10 Guiding Principles, as follows:

  • Build a global Compliance team operating along clear, simple and shared rules in a spirit based on openness, mutual trust and respect
  • Build a global Compliance Division committed to translate regulations into appropriate internal rules so that business is accountable for their implementation. Actively promote compliance risk awareness across the bank  
  • Build a global Compliance Division implementing an effective compliance program based on a comprehensive risk assessment and robust controls and testing framework 
  • Build a global Compliance Division making responsive and well informed decisions / statements in a consistent, timely and documented way  
  • Build a global Compliance Division operating close to the BUs/SUs enabling sustainable business, with its central teams focusing on strong specific expertise and transversal supervision 
  • Build a global Compliance Division providing Management and Board with meaningful, transparent and regular reporting and advice on Compliance risks 
  • Build a global Compliance Division fostering trustworthy relationships with regulatory bodies based on sound, transparent and professional dialogue 
  • Build a global Compliance Division leveraging on innovation, actively looking to benefit from new technologies and data analytics and promoting experimentation   
  • Build a global Compliance Division composed of well trained professionals, up to date on their area of expertise, and whenever possible certified by external bodies
  • Build a global Compliance Division attractive to highly motivated talents with diverse backgrounds and adding strong value to their career path

The COO function in the UK covers the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Conduct Risk Management
  • Compliance Communications (including SharePoint site) and Facilities Support
  • Budgets and Financial Control
  • Management Information and Technology Support
  • Regulatory Reporting Oversight (Gabriel)

Summary of the key purposes of the role

The purpose of this role will be to perform the activities of the function that supports the UK Compliance team and its management. This requires regular interaction with Compliance Management, all UK Compliance staff, the Paris Compliance COO function, and other UK stakeholders. The team consists of three staff, and the following activities will be shared amongst them, providing everyone with the opportunity to gain new skills and to ensure that there is adequate backup:


  • Maintaining and supporting a rigorous approach to Compliance governance:
    • ensuring that audit recommendations, incident management tools, etc. are kept up to date and that management receives relevant reporting.
    • ensuring that services provided to or received from other entities have agreements in place, have the proper formal oversight, etc.
    • coordinating the preparation of the annual Compliance plan

Operational Risk Management:

  • Organizing and updating the Compliance control framework, ensuring it is comprehensive and fit for purpose
  • Liaising with other parts of the SG Group to ensure a consistent approach to the control framework
  • Support, oversight, and reporting on permanent supervision controls (GPS)
  • Periodic risk assessments performed by Compliance
  • Business continuity planning

Communications and Facilities:

  • Supporting the maintenance of the UK Compliance SharePoint site
  • Controlling access to technology systems used by Compliance
  • Approving security requests, telecommunications changes, etc.

Budgets and Financial Control:

  • Facilitating the Compliance budget and reforecasts for the UK, including headcount, travel, etc.
  • Overseeing UK Compliance cost control, ensuring that budgets and policies are adhered to
  • Create and maintain cost centres for CPLE

Management Information and Technology Support:

  • Management information relating to UK Compliance activities, including financial reports, outsourcing, and conduct risk reporting
  • Support CPLE with access profile approval and maintenance on POPs
  • Support to the Compliance team on general office technology (Skype, Excel, etc.)

Regulatory Reporting Oversight (Gabriel)

  • Ensure timely submission of regulatory reports in the Gabriel tool and that management receives relevant reporting
  • Administration and oversight of Gabriel reporting tool

Conduct Risk Management

  • Governance of Conduct Breaches Framework and ensuring that management receives relevant reporting
  • Maintaining Compliance breaches log

Summary of responsibilities 

The detailed tasks are as follows:


  • Ensure that a high standard of governance applies in the Compliance function, supporting the Compliance management in their understanding of the risks and the effectiveness of the oversight. This includes:
    • Organisation of the governance over services provided to SGIL under SLA
    • Leading the periodic review of the service level agreement, coordinating input from SGIL, the function providing the service etc.
    • Supporting the SLA process for services received from other service providers, both internal and external.
    • Follow up on the monthly updates to KART, Trouble Tracker, the Compliance Plan, etc., including liaison with Paris colleagues and the audit function
    • Management of the annual development of the Compliance plan by the Compliance Management Committee
    • Provision of regulatory updates when requested
    • Coordinating business continuity projects for Compliance
    • Providing support over other Transversal matters when appropriate

Operational Risk Management:

  • Ensure the smooth functioning of the SG permanent supervision applications and provide support to Compliance users, liaise with application business owner / IT to resolve issues.
  • Perform reviews of Compliance permanent supervision controls as scheduled. Escalate and / or provide status reports to management on an as needed basis.
  • Work with all Compliance stakeholders to assess and revise permanent supervision controls, on at least an annual basis.

Communications and Facilities:

  • Support users (who have responsibility for maintaining their own pages) of the UK Compliance SharePoint site
  • Support the Compliance team and control the access to technology systems used by Compliance.
  • Maintain expertise on Personal Organization Provisioning Services (POPS), acting as IAM Analyst, COO, and Staff Controller.
  • Set up and manage all POPS activity profiles (may also need to provide backup for non-UK setups).
  • Review and challenge inappropriate system access profiles.
  • Liaise with Bangalore experts to resolve POPS issues.
  • According to Compliance policy, validate and facilitate requests from other parties, such as security passes, equipment changes, etc.

Budgets and Financial Control:

  • Facilitating the Compliance budget and reforecasts for the UK, including headcount, consulting, travel, etc.:
  • Ensure that the cost centre framework is fit for current purpose and work with UK Finance to make required adjustments.
  • Working with all UK and Paris stakeholders, collect and document the annual budget for headcount, consulting, IT budgets, travel, training, and any other discretionary costs
  • Follow the annual budget with periodic forecasts (process to be defined by Paris)

•  Support Paris and UK stakeholders and act as the gatekeeper for UK Compliance cost control:

  • Maintain knowledge of the Compliance policies relevant for cost management and control, e.g., business travel, gifts and entertainment, etc.
  • Act as the point of contact for questions / issues relating to expenses and the relevant Finance frameworks.
  • Organise and review for accuracy and completeness any consulting submissions (to Paris and UK management) and manage all UK Compliance consulting spend to approved budget.
  • Review the monthly financial reports received from Finance for accuracy and liaise with Finance if there are discrepancies.
  • Provide budget reporting as required.
  • Provide financial summary reporting to UK management on a quarterly or as needed basis.

Management Information and Technology Support:

  • Generate various reports, primarily but not exclusively, for use by Compliance management, including conduct risk reporting, monthly management information packs, budget reporting and SLA reporting
  • On a best efforts basis, support the Compliance team’s use of office technology, such as Skype, Excel, etc.

Other tasks and activities as requested by management

Level of Autonomy and Authority

Responsible for the coordination and delivery of the defined activities, which requires enough autonomy to make the right decisions to achieve timely delivery and to ensure coordination of the effort of various teams in order to do so. This level of autonomy is correlated with the capacity to report to management about risks, issues encountered and proposed solutions. Significant decision making related to issues and risks will be the role of the Compliance management.

Profile required


Attention to detail.

Timely delivery of agreed objectives.

Strong risk understanding.

Good communication skills, both verbal and written (French is a plus).

Affinity with investigating and resolving problems.

Flexibility and adaptability.

Teamwork approach.

Empathy and ability to influence others.

Microsoft office competence, especially Excel.

Common-sense financial knowledge.

Knowledge in Finance and Accounting is a plus.

Why join us

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Business insight

If you feel you have the required experience and qualifications, then please apply to the SG Resourcing Team, and we will manage your application. At Société Générale, we believe our people are our strength and are core to the success of our business. As such, we search for, recruit and appoint the best available person on the basis of aptitude and ability, regardless of sex, marital or civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, pregnancy, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief or gender reassignment.

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Reference: 210002Q0
Entity: SG CIB
Starting date: 2021/03/22
Publication date: 2021/01/28
Compliance Trainee
Societe Generale
London UK