Software Dev Engineer Intern - Bucharest
Bucharest Romania

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At the Amazon Development Center, Bucharest, part of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we work on global-scale compute platforms, with special focus on serverless & container virtualization technologies, trusted compute, and server fleet tooling for AWS EC2. We invent, own, and operate core compute platforms for EC2, Amazon, and the cloud.

You will be part of a team involved in every aspect of the software development process – from idea generation, business analysis and technical design through to development and deployment across a variety of technologies – giving you a real sense of ownership. Together we build systems that meet high standards of performance and reliability and operate at massive scale. Come help us make history!

Your main goal here will be to work on your growth as an engineer. You will ramp up with the support of your dedicated mentor, and then you will work on a team deliverable that is both a good learning opportunity and has practical applicability.


· You have already turned 16 years old.
· Studying computer science or a related discipline.
· Interest in the areas of distributed systems and systems programming.
· Familiar with the Linux development environment and tools.
· Familiar with one programming or scripting language suited for system-level software development, for example C++, Java or Python.


· One semester of hands-on experience focused in the areas of distributed systems or systems programming, for example with Linux, C++, Python or Java.
· A good understanding of Linux networking and OS internals.
· Passionate about working in the open source community.
· Knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms.


Agenda and Internal Selection Procedure
You can submit your application either via “stagii pe bune” platform or directly to website starting with February 17th 2020. We do not have an application deadline but we encourage you to apply early. The assessment process consists of an online technical test, a phone interview and on-site or video interview. This process is subject to changes; we will provide information in advance for each candidate. The recommended start for the internship program is July 8th for the duration of 3 months; however, we are flexible on the start date and duration within the legal limits. The deadline for signing the internship contract is one day before the internship start date. General Responsibilities During the Internship Program, you will have to carry out theoretical and practical tasks specific to the position of Software Development Engineer (SDE) under the direct coordination and supervision of your tutor, respectively:
· Create, improve or invent, small tools or applications.
· Write secure, stable, testable, maintainable code with minimal defects, being proficient in a broad range of data structures and algorithms, knowing when it is appropriate to use them, and when it is not.
· Take a defined design and turn it into code and deliver it on schedule, applying appropriate technologies and current software engineering best practices, seeking input and guidance from their mentor.
· Make appropriate implementation trade-off decisions (e.g., array or hash table?).
· Clearly document your software to ensure that future generations of developers understand the intention behind the features and components they build.
· Do not put the company at risk (e.g. pulling in unlicensed code, working on code in unsafe ways, etc.).
· Participate in team design, scoping and prioritization discussions, seeking to learn the business context and technologies behind their team’s software.
· Assume responsibility for the state of the code they both inherit and produce, getting their designs and code reviewed, and their code tested thoroughly.
· Be responsible for classifying, storing, and handling data in accordance with Amazon policies.
· Identify security risks and mitigate and/or escalate them in a timely manner.
· Troubleshoot, research the root cause of problems, and thoroughly resolve defects. Take ownership of problems and propose solutions.
Key Terms of the Internship Contract
· The Internship Program takes place during summer for a duration of 3 months and consists of 40 hours per week of activity. The duration can be longer, within the legal limits.
· For your activity performed during the Internship Program, you will receive a gross monthly internship indemnity of RON 5000.
Amazon is an equal opportunities employer. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We make recruiting decisions based on your experience and skills. We value your passion to discover, invent, simplify and build. Protecting your privacy and the security of your data is a long-standing top priority for Amazon. Please consult our Privacy Notice to know more about how we collect, use and transfer the personal data of our candidates. Job Conditions
· The work schedule is individualized, according to article 118 of the Labour Code, and the flexible distribution of the 8 working hours per day shall be made as follows:
· Arrival and departure hours to and from work place may be chosen by the Employee within the flexible time frame consisting in: 08:00 – 11:00 and 17:00 – 20:00, from Monday to Friday;
· The Employee will be present at his/her work place within the fix time frame consisting in: 11:00 - 17:00, from Monday to Friday;
· Both individual and team work
· The compensation is according to the individual labour contract signed between the employer and the employee
· Benefits of the vacation leave according to the individual labour contract
· The activity takes place at the employer’s office 4-6 Dimitrie Pompeiu Street, Globalworth Campus, Building A, 11th Floor, Bucharest, District 2, Romania
· Programmer, Code 251202
Responsibilities and obligations regarding health and safety and working conditions Regarding work discipline, they are responsible for:
· Permanently improving his professional expertise;
· Keeping confidential company related information and documents;
· Using the received resources only in the company’s interest;
· Complying with the internal regulations and provisions, and work procedures related to his position;
· Permanently adopting a behaviour that promotes the company’s image and interests;
· Getting involved in solving crises that might affect the company.
Regarding labour protection, their responsibilities are:
· To develop their activity, in compliance with the level of instruction that they possess, as well as the instruction received from the employer, so that they will not expose themselves to accidents, dangers or professional diseases for both themselves as the other people that can be affected by their actions or omissions during working process;
· To correctly use the machines, devices, tools, dangerous substances, transportation equipment and any other productions means;
· To correctly use the provided individual protection equipment and, after usage, to retrieve or to deposit it in the provided place;
· Not to proceed to disabling, modifying, changing or arbitrary removing of the security devices, especially machines, devices, tools, technical installations and buildings, and to use correctly these devices;
· To instantly communicate to the employer and/or the designated employees any work situation that can represent a danger for the security and well-being of the employees, as well as any deficiency in the protection systems;
· To announce the employer regarding the accidents suffered by their own person;
· To cooperate with the employer and/or with the designated employees, as long as necessary, in order to facilitate any measures or requirements asked by the Labour Inspectors and Sanitary Inspectors, for the protection of the well-being and security of the employees;
· To cooperate, as long as necessary, with the employer and/or with the designated employees, in order to allow the employer to assure that the working environment and working conditions are safe, without any risks on security and well-being, in the field of activity;
· To know and respect the legal provisions from the security and labour medicine field and their application measures;
· To provide the answers required by the Labour Inspectors and Sanitary Inspectors.

Software Dev Engineer Intern - Bucharest
Bucharest Romania