2020 Graduates - Associate Researcher / Researcher实习生转正专用 - MSRA - Beijing
Beijing China

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Updated on 2021-03-02 14:30:55

Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft’s fundamental research arm in the Asia Pacific region, was founded in 1998 in Beijing.  By attracting the best talent from Asia and across the globe, Microsoft Research Asia has grown into a world-class research lab that constantly pushes forward the state of the art and helps to improve people’s computing experiences.

Today, with more than 200 researchers and developers and more than 300 visiting scientists and students, the lab conducts basic and applied research in areas central to Microsoft’s long-term strategy and future computing vision:

  • Natural user interfaces
  • Next-generation multimedia
  • Data-intensive computing
  • Search and online advertising
  • Computer science fundamentals Microsoft Research Asia has excelled at creating a talent fostering environment, where researchers are free to explore and pursue what interests them. This culture not only drives researchers to develop groundbreaking technologies and work at the cutting edge, but has also made the lab a natural partner for universities and governments. Microsoft Research Asia is committed to seeking broad and deep engagement with academic communities, in order to promote collaboration, cultivate innovation, advance education, and turn ideas into reality.If you want to be a computer scientist and you dream of changing the world, now is the time and Microsoft is the place. With the passion, creativity, and commitment of its researchers, it has emerged as one of the world’s preeminent computer science research labs within merely a decade. As we look forward to the coming scientific and technology innovations poised to change the world and the way we live, we invite you, the best and brightest minds in computer science from every corner of the world, to join us, so that we can witness and shape the great promises of the 21st century, together.
  • At MSRA, researchers enjoy maximum freedom in conducting scientific research. At the same time, MSRA provides efficient technology transform mechanisms to help researchers make social and industrial impacts in a wide range of application areas.
  • Technologies from Microsoft Research Asia have had a large influence within Microsoft and around the world. large number of technologies from the lab have been transferred to Microsoft products, including Office, Windows, Azure, Bing, Visual Studio, Xbox Kinect and Windows Phone, as well as AI products such as XiaoIce, Cortana and Skype Translator.



  • Ph.D. candidate in computer science or related area, or Master's degree with at least two years of working experience.
  • Candidates are expected to be expert in their domain area, and can define their own research projects
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Team work spirit.
  • Better to have deep understanding on research domain.


2020 Graduates - Associate Researcher / Researcher实习生转正专用 - MSRA - Beijing
Beijing China