Zoomdojo Young Professionals Roundtable on Career Mobility

Zoomdojo Young Professionals Roundtable on Career Mobility PRIVATE INVITATION. New York. February 6, Monday; 7:30pm - 9:00pm

The Zoomdojo Young Professionals is an open forum of young professionals with diverse career backgrounds and industry knowledge. They come from tech, finance, consulting, media, and more; and from well established, large organizations, medium size growing companies, and small venture-backed bootstrap startups. This Roundtable’s theme is career mobility.

Topics covered will include:

What's out there? 

We all come from diverse backgrounds and industries. We are here to tell our distinct stories, share and listen. We seek to learn about new roles or old ones with brand new interpretations. 

Is it really what I think it is?

Is the work world like what we learned from movies, books or the news? Are startups like The Social Network? Is life at Google like the movie Internship? And finance like the Wolf of Wall Street? Here’s where we can share our ‘real’ stories!

Should I stay or should I go?

Should we stay in the same industry or should we experience a new sector and forgo some of the knowledge we have built up? Should we switch roles? Or should we stay where we are because we're not ready yet?

Share in the closed, off-the-record chats. Learn what others are thinking and have done. The Roundtable will encourage critical thinking and story-telling. Learn, explore, network and have some fun too!