UPenn China Forum 2014: China in Transition

2014 China Forum at UPenn-Wharton: China in Transition
Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Location: College Hall, University of Pennsylvania
Keynote Speakers: Alfredo Gangotena: Chief Marketing Officer, Sotheby’s Previously: CMO, MasterCard Worldwide; CEO, Hutchison Priceline; and various roles in Henkel, P&G and Disney ;Savio Chan: President & CEO, US China Partners Inc. Best-selling author; and specialist in Chinese US business relations
Panels:Is China a Capitalist Economy? Deciphering Financial Markets & Entrepreneurship in China. Panel participants: CNBC, KKR China, SoftBank, ThermoFisher & PanAm Realty Co. Moderated by: Dominic Chu, CNBC The Consultant’s View of ‘Client China’: Opportunities that Lie Ahead.  Panel participants: Bain China, Roland Berger, McKinsey, UPenn Moderated by: Ritu Banga, Zoomdojo co-founder

Followed by: Networking Lunch with Zoomdojo, Speakers, and Moderators Tickets via Eventbrite   

Event co-sponsor & advisor: Zoomdojo