Innovation in The Arts

Innovation in The Arts Institutional and individual innovations for the 21st Century: A Forward View

How are the arts responding to changes in technology, taste, demographics and globalization? Panelists recognized for their cutting edge works and programs as well as leadership in their fields as educators, marketers, artist, innovators in their fields, will share their thoughts, perspectives and examples from their own experiences and works of how the arts community, as individuals and as members of established institutions are responding to a rapidly changing world. The objectives of this program are to inform and to underscore how the arts remain relevant today and for the 21st century and how the audience can be a part of that changing and evolving vital and vibrant ecosystem as professionals, collectors, art appreciators and arts supporters.


Moenen Erbuer, co-founder of Curiator was previously Senior Designer at AKQA, an award winning interactive agency with clients such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Xbox, Heineken, Audi, Warner Brothers and Google. Curiator is a new online platform to discover, collect and share art online. Bridget Goodbody, is an art historian, curator, critic, educator, entrepreneur and total art geek. Over the span of her career, she has spent 10 years as an art educator, 10 years as an art critic, and 10 years as an entrepreneur. Sandra Jackson-Dumont is the Frederick P. and Sandra P. Rose Chairman of Education at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - the largest museum in the western hemisphere. She is responsible for the vision and management of the Education and Concerts & Lectures Program. Jennifer Wen Ma is an artist whose interdisciplinary practice bridges media as varied as installation, video, drawing, fashion design, performance, and public art, often bringing together unlikely elements in a single work. Her recent work explores Chinese ink as a contemporary medium. Register:

Location: Seyfarth Shaw LLC, 620 Eighth Avenue 32nd Floor * Please bring a photo ID for security purposes at this venue. Venue Host:A special thank you to Rajiv Khanna Esq. and Seyfarth Shaw LLC for hosting us at their firm!Image removed.

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