Executive Coaching for Young Professionals by Zoomdojo & Elizabeth Price

Zoomdojo Young Professionals A Session with Elizabeth Price, Executive Coach April 9, THURS @WeWork NoMad

Executive coaches are normally the purview of senior management. But Young Professionals often approach us with questions no different we see than those raised by people occupying the C- Suite. So why not host a session with an executive coach for the benefit of Young Professionals? And here it is, our Zoomdojo program with a seasoned executive coach, especially tailored for Young Professionals.  

Elizabeth Price is a qualified executive coach, working with senior leaders in the financial, legal and commercial fields.  She began her career in asset management, focusing primarily on UK equity investments, researching and investing in businesses across many industry sectors.  Subsequently, she was appointed as a partner of a UK based investor relations practice, liaising between FTSE 100 companies and their major investors.  She has also worked as a correspondent for Reuters TV. 

Elizabeth has worked in the non-profit sector for a number of years, mainly for medical and educational charities.  Her roles have included mentoring, event organising and leading large teams of volunteers. Elizabeth was educated at the University of York and at Vassar College.