Good Eats

Whether you’re looking to try new international cuisine, pining for southern comfort food like ma used to make, or just want some quick and dirty takeout for your congressional committee hearing—you’ll find it in DC.

Dining on a Budget: DC has some great small coffee shops and falafel stands that will do in a pinch. Take a look at the Best Inexpensive Places to Eat in DC on Yelp, complete with lists and reviews of the cheapest places to dine. DC also has some great late night delivery food—check out GrubHub for DC when you need a quick fix after hours.

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Ethnic Eateries: Plenty of neighborhoods have great ethnic eateries. DC Blogger Tyler Cowen has complied “Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide,” which details a lot of the best DC cuisines, featuring Ethiopian, Bolivian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese food. The Adams Morgan neighborhood is particularly well known for its great international cuisine. Check out some of their best ethnic restaurants listed on Zomato.

Food for Foodies: If you’re a foodie, try some restaurants that are exclusive to DC like Ben’s Chili Bowl, known for having the best (and cheapest) bowl of chili in Washington. The Eastern Market, located one block from Eastern Market Metro Station and open on Sundays from 10-5, is a farmers’ market that always has great fresh produce. If you want the best that DC has to offer, take a look at The Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restaurants” in DC.

Food Trucks: Like many cities the days, DC is home to a burgeoning food truck scene and they’re easy to spot, especially in busy neighborhoods. Dupont Circle has a lot of great finds—check out Fojol Bros, a self-described “travelling culinary carnival,” if you’re into Indian-inspired dishes. Here is a list of the most popular food trucks from The Washington Post.

People Spotting: Are you a bleeding heart liberal? Dyed-in-the-wool conservative? No matter your ideological persuasion, the capitol is undoubtedly the best vantage point to witness the rise and fall of political luminaries. So while you probably won’t spot Justin Bieber dining near the Capitol, you stand a good chance of running into some political bigwigs at these famous People Spotting Restaurants. Keep in mind, restaurants catering to the political establishment tend to be a bit pricey, so treat yourself sparingly—but who knows, maybe that Scooter Libby autograph will fetch a pretty penny on eBay!