Odds & Ends

Going Out: A lot of bars and clubs are 25+ only (enforced more strictly for guys than girls). If you’re underage and are going to a place like this, it’s best to go early or have a back-up plan ready!


Wi-Fi: Almost every café in the city has free Wi-Fi. Tel Aviv also provides 80 free public wifi hotspots throughout the city, with more on the way. 

Tel Aviv Odds & Ends - ZoomdojoIsraeli Attitude: Israeli people are known to swing between harsh and abrasive and warm and touchy. Don’t be turned off! If someone in the market yells at you or you hear a taxi driver honking excessively, don’t take it personally. Similarly, don’t be weirded out by an older man winking at women or an older woman calling some boys cuties—they’re mostly harmless. The city is very safe and most people turn out to be very warm and friendly. Don’t be surprised if someone who was kicking sand on your blanket at the beach ends up inviting you over for Friday night dinner!
LGBT Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is very LGBT friendly. The annual gay parade in June brings thousands of visitors a year and the city lines the streets with colorful gay flags.
Did You Know?
Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in the region and the 14th most expensive city in the world.
One of Tel Aviv's famous landmarks is the Hassan Bek Mosque, on the beachfront in Jaffa.
“Tel-Aviv” literally means “Spring Hill” and was chosen in 1910, alluding to the biblical location of the same near near Babylon where Ezekiel claimed to see visions of God.
In 2003, Tel Aviv was designated the White City of Tel Aviv by UNESCO because of the multitude of white-painted Bauhaus-style buildings within the city.