Often called the “little red dot” after its appearance on most maps, Singapore is small yet mighty. A global business center, Singapore is a modern city with old world charms. Chinese, Indian, Malay, and British culture seamlessly meet on this diverse island, making it one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant cities.

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Singapore is ranked as a top location for young professionals, especially those involved in the finance and banking sectors. In the same tier as Hong Kong, New York, and London, there are many factors that contribute to Singapore's popularity. Click here to read more about Singapore.

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Many new arrivals to Singapore are 20-30-year-olds who stay for 1 or 2 years at a time. For these expats, fun and busy downtown neighborhoods like Chinatown, River Valley, or Orchard are ideal. To discover what makes each one unique, explore Singapore neighborhoods now.

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Finding an Apartment: With so many people constantly moving in and around Singapore, finding a home isn’t very difficult. Get tips and information in Zoomdojo’s guide to apartment hunting in Singapore.

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Driving: In order to own a car in Singapore you must purchase a Certificate of Entitlement, or COE, which allows you to drive on the streets. Find out more about getting around Singapore here.

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Hawker Centers: Despite their small size and slight frames, eating is a national pastime for Singaporeans. The typical “Singlish” (local slang) greeting is “Sudah makan” or “Have you eaten” — a testament to how much social interactions here revolve around eating. For all those good eats, discover where to eat in Singapore!

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MacRitchie Reservoir: One of Singapore’s many hidden gems is theMacRitchie Reservoir Park. While it is easy to focus on city living and Singapore’s seemingly endless skyscrapers. Singapore Things to Do

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Weather: Located just one degree north of the equator, there is little variation in Singapore’s tropical weather. There are two monsoon seasons: the Northeastern monsoon, which run from December to March, and the Southwestern monsoons between June and September. Pick up some interesting and less well known Singapore facts in Singapore odds & ends. 

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In this section we provide you with a short list of Companies In & Around Singapore. The list will change over time to highlight well-established institutions, up and coming start-ups, or places reviewed as great places to work. Search for Singapore jobs now!