Odds & Ends

The Wall Project

A group of young people started The Wall Project in Bandra. A combination of artistry, public spiritedness and promoting a sense of community, this project is open to anyone who wants to do some tasteful graffiti on a wall… with permission from the wall’s owner, that is. 

Mumbai Odds & Ends - ZoomdojoCrazy about the Names

With an amalgamation of Indian, Anglo, Portuguese and Persian influences, the names of Mumbai’s public places and foods link cultures and geographies. This city, originally named Bombaim (“good little bay”) and later Maimbu (after the Hindu goddess Mumba Devi), first settled on the anglicized name Bombay in the 17th century only to have second thoughts in 1995 with the switch to the more “Indian” name of Mumbai, which was in fact originally chosen by a Portuguese explorer in 1516. Sound confusing? This is also the city where the Queen’s Necklace is a road and the Bombay duck is a fish (a lizardfish, no less).

Art Deco Buildings

On the streets off Marine Drive, stroll by the biggest collection of Art Deco buildings outside of Miami.


A Dabbawallah is a member of the enormous citywide distribution system, formally known as the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association, who delivers home-cooked food to offices throughout Mumbai. FedEx has studied them to improve its own logistics; Harvard Business School has a case study on their business model; and contemporary Indian artist, Subodh Gupta, has immortalized them. Unerringly punctual, they collect meals prepared at office workers’ homes all over this sprawling city and deliver them hot to 175,000 hungry mouths with military precision—and all for about $4 per month in delivery charges. And they also come back to the office to take the empty lunch box back to your home!