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L.A. is a tourist magnet and 24 million people visit each year. In comparison, the L.A. metropolitan area’s population is only about 20 million. The metropolitan area includes five counties: Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. If this five-county area were a state, it would be the fourth largest in the United States.

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Los Angeles Weather: Yes, it has its beaches and palm trees, but L.A. is more desert than tropical island. And like any desert, the mornings and evenings are cool, even when daytime temperatures hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to pack that light jacket and a sweater—you will need them more often than you might think. Weather in Los Angeles is not always what visitors expect. Smog and fog are worst in the summer and there are often days in June when the beach cities are foggy all day. If you came from London, you’ll feel right at home!

Route 66 in LA: Who knew that Route 66 still exists almost completely intact within urban L.A.? It follows Santa Monica Boulevard through the heart of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, clearly with road signs as Historic Route 66.

Architecture in LA: Put away that passport and Spanish phrasebook; Frank Gehry fans need only visit downtown L.A. to see a magnificinent work of deconstructivism—the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It’s worth a visit even you don’t catch a performance there! For a different kind of flamboyance, check out the historic Beverly Hills Hotel which featured on the cover of the Eagles’ album, Hotel California.