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Weather Safety: Texas is one of the hottest states in the US. Houston is especially hot and humid in the summer. This means you should be applying sunscreen daily, drinking water regularly, not leaving important things in a hot car (babies, dogs, electronics), and remaining in air conditioned venues—which is pretty easy to do considering nearly every building in Texas has AC.

Wildlife Safety: Texas is home to a number of dangerous and venomous creatures. Houston’s proximity to the water only increases the number of dangers. While usually the wildlife go their way and humans go theirs, it’s important to know what to look out for and how to treat bites or wounds from these animals. Texas poison control provides a comprehensive guide to venomous Texas wildlife. Generally though, bigger animals like coyotes and cougars avoid big cities like Houston, but occasionally pets get attacked in the suburbs—so keep your pets inside!

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Gun Safety: Texas has some of the most permissive gun laws in the country.  Concealed weapon permits are relatively easy to obtain. Avoid bar fights and road rage, and definitely don’t surprise your co-worker by sneaking into their house and hiding under the bed. Practice common sense and respect gun-free zones.

Another important tip: if you ever get pulled over by a cop for any reason, keep your hands on the steering wheelBecause you can legally carry a firearm in your vehicle, if a cop sees you moving about in your car or opening your glove box, chances are you will get a gun pulled on you. ! At night, turn on the dashboard light before the policeman arrives so that he can see everything clearly and always take your keys out of the ignition. Just stay calm, keep your hands visible, and do what the officer tells you.

Did you know?

Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. with over 2.1 million people living in an area of 600 square miles and over 6 million people in the greater metropolitan area.

If Houston were an independent country, it would rank as the world's 30th largest economy.

Houston has one of the youngest populations in the nation. The city has the third-largest Hispanic and third-largest Mexican population in the United States.

The city is home to the Texas Medical Center—the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions. Nearby Johnson Space Center, hosts NASA’s main Mission Control Center.

The Houston Theater District has the second largest concentration of theater seats in a downtown area in the United States, after New York City.