Good Eats

Think Tex-Mex, barbeque, burgers, plus the sophistication of a multi-cultural urban metropolis. Besides chili con carne, you’ll also find Asian cuisine, South American food, bakeries, coffee shops, food trucks, and fine dining establishments spicing up Houston’s culinary scene.


  • Karanchos: Considered to have one of the best tacos around, Karanachos knows how to satisfy. But don’t expect anything fancy, this outdoor eatery is focused on the food, not the fanfare.

  • Barnaby’s Cafe: A Houston staple with locations all over, Barnaby’s serves everything from sandwiches to classic burgers, all with an inspired Mexican feel. As for the burritos, what can you say but, “el más delicioso!”

  • Chuy’s: A traditional Tex-Mex spot with a Chuy’s twist. Chuy’s whips up classic dishes like chile relleno and tortilla soup, but with that little Chuy’s touch that makes it pop!

  • El Tiempo Cantina: Tex-Mex takes a classy turn at El Tiempo Cantina, which uses high-end ingredients to turn traditional Tex-Mex into gourmet meals.

  • Papasito’s: While it may be a Texas chain, there is a reason so many are popping up everywhere these days. Papasito’s food is good and inexpensive and the atmosphere is always a good time.

  • La Mexicana: A classic Mexican bodega with authentic home-cooked Mexican food and a divine drink menu—“Mas tequila!”



  • Burns Barbeque: A Houston fixture since 1976, Burns Barbeque claims their ribs are “Slap Yo’ Mamma Good.” Yea, that good.

  • Goode Company Barbeque: With three locations in the Houston area, it’s easy to get a taste of Goode Company’s homemade barbeque sauce and the delicious dishes that come with it. And for those with Celiac’s disease, they offer a gluten free menu. Nothing like that conscientious Southern hospitality.

  • Joe’s Barbeque Company: Classic barbeque joint with awesome sides, main dishes, and the best smoked brisket in town.

  • Luling City Market: Meat, meat, and more meat. Luling’s is heaven for meat lovers. But their real specialty is a unique tangy barbeque sauce that keep you coming back.


Burger Joints

  • Hubcap Grille: A hole-in-the wall treasure with big hand-formed patties and unconventional combinations that will have your mouth watering from miles away.

  • Bernie’s Burger Bus: This unusual yellow school bus turns out some of the best burgers in town, using only grass-fed Angus meat and homemade condiments. It’s the best thing that ever happened to a retired school bus.

  • Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack: A delightful distraction from traditional, boring burger joints. Bubba’s gives us the classic burgers, but also offers a juicy buffalo cheeseburger washed down with local beers. Doesn’t get more Texas than that.

  • Annie’s Hamburgers: Classic. Cheap. Darn Good. Annie’s offers burgers, fries, milkshakes, and lemonade, making this experience as wholesome as the burgers.


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Asian Foods

  • Banana Leaf Malaysian: Offering a wide range of authentic Malaysian food, Banana Leafe is a favorite among local Houstonians.

  • Mala Sichuan: Unanimously considered one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Houston area. It’s definitely more authentic than your local Chinese delivery, but its atmosphere is unassuming and inexpensive.

  • Korean Garden: A traditional Korean eatery with Korean Barbeque and fresh vegetables. A serene atmosphere, Korean Garden will keep you relaxed while it tends to your gastronomical needs.

  • Sushi Miyagi: A mom and pop sushi spot that may not look like much, but serves the best sushi in town. Miyagi (the head chef) and his wife (the only waitress) serve up sushi with exquisite precision and a smile.


South American

  • Americas: Self-proclaimed “progressive Latin dining,” Americas creates decadent dishes of fish and meat all inspired by Latin American cooking and spices.

  • Latin Bites Cafe: Serving South American dishes made from scratch and infused with bold Peruvian flavors. An upscale atmosphere without the high prices.

  • Chama Gaucha: A Brazilian steakhouse that makes its dinner delicious and fun! The wondrous wine list only adds to the dazzle of Chama Gaucha.


Coffee Shops & Bakeries

  • Greenway Coffee: Owned by coffee connoisseur David Buehrer, Greenway is all about the process. From the beans, to the roast, to the mixing, Buehrer will take you to a whole new plane of coffee nirvana. 

  • Catalina Coffee Shop: Offers an exciting coffee experience featuring coffee from the Amaya Roasting Company in a number of different brewing forms, including drip coffee, French press, and vacuum pot.

  • Bohemeo’s: Unlike any other coffee shop around, this loudly painted coffee shop/wine bar offers a quiet getaway from Houston’s hustle and bustle and fun nights with life music and entertainment.

  • Flying Saucer Pie Company: Here it is all about the pies. And, frankly, these pies are so sweetly scrumptious you won’t be thinking about much else... except having more pie.

  • Three Brother’s Bakery: A five-generation family-owned bakery that has perfected dessert. From the traditional southern-style desserts like pecan pie and cream puffs, Three Brother’s Bakery bakes outstanding breads, cakes, pies, and pastries. For birthdays or Valentine’s Day, skip the boring and the bland, and order from Three Brother’s Bakery.

  • Chocolate Bar: A chocolatier, bakery, ice cream shop, and coffee house, the Chocolate Bar features decadent and rich desserts for the upscale chocoholic.


Fine Dining

  • Cafe Chino: Called ‘The Best Hunan Restaurant in the United Sates’ by The New York Times. The chef, Eddie Chan, was voted one of the top chef’s in America. So yea, you have to try it.

  • Brennan’s of Houston: Offering a mix of delicate seafood dishes and fine chops of meat, Brennan’s of Houston is a regular haunt of Houston’s upper crust.

  • Charivari Restaurant: Run by chef Johann Schuster, a Romanian native and European-trained chef, Charivari brings together French, Italian, and American cuisines to create a rich dining experience.

  • Mark’s American Cuisine: Located in a renovated 1920s church, Mark’s American Cuisine was voted most romantic restaurant in Houston. Adding a French touch to traditional American dishes, it’s no wonder so many Houstonians are falling in love with Mark’s.


Groceries: Houston is home to large number of different grocery store chains including FoodtownFoodaramaBrookshire BrothersMarket BasketRice Epicurean Market, and Whole Foods, to name a few. For organic and home-grown goodies, you can head down to one of Houston’s many beautiful Farmers' Markets.


Food Delivery / Take Out: When you just can’t be bothered to endure the Houston roads, don’t worry—put your feet up, take a load off and go on Grubhub or Restaurants on the Run to order in some delish Houstonian comestibles.