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To orientate yourself To get acquainted with Glasgow, it’s a good idea to watch some of the shows and movies that have come out of the city. We oftenstill watch some of these before comingwe come  home to Glasgow, and it always gets us excited and nostalgic. It will also help to familiarizeorientate yourself withto the dialectlanguage of the city which can be quite alien even to native English speakers. Our top picks would be Still GameLimmy’s Show, any Billy Connolly stand up, the new Ken Loach film The Angel’s Share, 80s TV hit Rab C Nesbitt, and Taggart for good measure.

Language: As mentioned, understanding Glaswegians can be a bit tricky depending on who you’re talking to. There are three languages spoken apart from those of ethnic minorities in the city: English, Scots, and Gaelic. Gaelic speakers are dwindling in the cities is slowly decreasing but Scots is still used widely and is so similar to English it can make you feel a bit slow if you can’t follow the conversation. Don’t worry about asking them to repeat themselvesslow down, they’re used to it!

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Price: Glasgow is cheap. Compared to most other UK cities (and US cities!) living in Glasgow is a lot less expensive with the same amount of festivity. If money is a concern, Glasgow will be a great choice, and your budget will be able to manage a little more luxury.

Weather: As it is Scotland, the weather isn’t the best, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is freezing year round. Although it is at the same latitude as cities like Moscow and Copenhagen, it is not as cold because of its proximity to the warm Atlantic waters. Scotland has a maritime climateis temperate, so there isn’t much fluctuation in temperature throughout the year. This means cycling and outdoor sports in the winter are feasible, but summers can become a long, rainy wait for elusive days of sun.

City of Learning: A renowned center for education and learning, the city’s first university was established in 1451. Famous discoverers and thinkers associated with the city are Lord Kelvin, Adam Smith and James Watt. Today’s Glasgow continues to boast of outstanding centers of higher education such as the followingat:

University of Glasgow

University of Strathclyde

Glasgow Caledonian University

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

The Glasgow School of Art

City of Glasgow CollegeCentral College of Commerce

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Crime: Most people who have never lived in Glasgow imagine knife crime, alcoholism, and poverty when they think of this city, and although these things do exist, remember that it is relatively a very safe place to live. Most of the crime exists in small communities to the East and North of the city and isn’t seen as much on the streets of the city centre and to the West and South. There is always the chance that you will stumble across an unpleasant encounter, but pretty much all of the violence is towards other Scots and not to visitors.