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As the most diverse place in Scotland, it isn’t hard to find different types of food at a good price. Waves of immigrants, especiallyspecifically from the Indian Subcontinent, Italy, and China, have leftmade an indelible mark on Glasgow cuisine in the past, paving the way for more recent settlers from across the world. Vegetarian eating in Glasgow is also getting a lot easier with many places having at the very least a veggie option if not a veggie menu – a rarity in the rest of Scotland!

Glasgow Eating is a good place to start looking for a restaurant and there are also a few great Glasgow food blogs such as Jia Pui OH!, The Glasgow Food Blog and Food and Drink Glasgow.

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The West End is brimming with eateries: high end restaurants, cheap chippies, chilled out cafés. But a delicious budget meal is often right next to a rip-off and sometimes it can be difficult to tell them apart. Bath Street and the Merchant City in the City Centre are also good eating areas, but often the best finds are hidden away, which makes websites like Yelp pretty useful.

There are farmers markets on Saturdays alternating between Queen’s Park in the Southside and Mansfield Park in the West End. The markets serve tasters of pretty much everything on sale from Scottish wines and cheeses to traditional candies and ales.

Other good places to do grocery shopping apart from the bigger stores are the various ethnic grocers outside of the City Centre.

From our own experience, tThe West End tends to be good for any type of grocery shopping you are looking to do, particularly the Kelvinbridge area on Great Western Road, but other places have their hidden gems too.