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When looking for an apartment, start your search onwe always opt for Gumtree, which is an equivalent to Craigslist. Gumtree has a useful search tool that narrows down your search for what you are looking for specifically. Hit up We’ve never gone wrong with Gumtree, not only for apartments, but for jobs and other purchases too. Failing that, S1homes is another good optionplace more specific to finding an apartment in Scotland.

There is the normal student exodus in the summer so finding a summer sublet at a reasonable price isn’t difficult. These ads are not normally put up until close to the start date, so don’t fret over not finding a summer sublet in February. One thing to keep in mind is that though prices can sometimes seem rather cheap on Gumtree, there is also the added living expensecost of Council Tax. Council tax pays for the services provided by the local council and is charged to every household. However, luckily students are exempt providing they attend an EU institution.

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While there are dormitories (or residence halls in UK lingo) in Glasgowfor students, most students tend to choose to live off-campus in their own apartments. This is not only for the independence, but because apartments in Glasgow are often nicer and cheaper than living on campus. Another reason to live off-campus for a foreign student is that you would most likely be surrounded by other non-Scots if you were to live in halls, and why live in another country if you don’t get the experience of meeting people from that country?

Parking in Glasgow is not as difficult or as expensive as in Edinburgh, however it is still pricey. PricesCost typically ranges from 30 to- 40p every 12 minutes and is free after 18.30 and on Sundays, but always check the meter. Prices for indoor car parks vary, with NCP being more expensive thant those ruan by the local council or found in shopping malls. In areas where there isn’t a lot of space for parking or where parking isn’t provided with the property, residents can apply for a parking permit from Glasgow City Council to ensure their spot.