Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and third most populous in the United Kingdom, is situated on the River Clyde in the country's Scottish Lowlands. Far and away the most diverse city in Scotland, Glasgow combines the cutting-edge with the traditional.

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Billy Connolly, the Glaswegian comedian, captured the city's spirit when he said, "The thing that undoubtedly stands out about Glasgow beyond all other cities is this humor…Edinburgh’s lovely and it’s got lots of dead things that are very nice. Glasgow’s lovely, and has lots of live things that are even nicer." Click here to read more about Glasgow.

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Though often spoken of as the grittier, industrial counterpart to historic and regal Edinburgh, Glasgow has its own unique charms in its variety of neighborhoods. To discover what makes each one unique, explore Glasgow neighborhoods now.

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When looking for an apartment or flat to rent, we always opt for Gumtree, which is an equivalent to Craigslist. Get tips and information in Zoomdojo’s guide to apartment hunting in Glasgow.

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The Subway is one of the simpler in the world’s cities. It is a constant loop with an inner and an outer circle. Find out more about getting around Glasgow here.

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Being the most diverse place in Scotland, it isn’t hard to find different types of food at a good price. For all those good eats, discover where to eat in Glasgow!

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No one should come to Glasgow and not take part in the fantastic and "vibrant music scene" either in the audience or on-stage. Check out things to do in Glasgow now!

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To orientate yourself with Glasgow, it’s a good idea to watch some of the shows and movies that have come out of the city. Pick up some interesting and less well known Glasgow facts in Glasgow odds & ends.

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In this section we provide you with a short list of Companies In & Around Glasgow. Search for Glasgow jobs now!