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As one of the oldest cities in the nation and crawling with students and young professionals, keeping busy is easy in Boston. Boston has an abundance of activities to indulge in, many of which are free.

The Boston area is one of the most significant spots in United States history, known as the location of the Boston Tea Party, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, and the location of the only known Fatal Molasses Flood in world history. So if you’re a newcomer to Boston or just lacking in a proper hands-on education of American History, take some time to play tourist, exploring all of Boston’s history.

Historical Highlights: You’ll want to start at the Freedom Trail, which is a brick-lined walking tour through the city that brings you to 16 significant historically significant sites. Then to be for the ultimate tourist experience and learn all the Boston-based trivia, hop on a Boston Duck Tour, and see Boston from land and sea. If Boston Harbor floats your boat, board the U.S.S. Constitution at the Oold Navy Yard to experience the oldest warship still afloat. Then make your way to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum to relive that fateful moment of rebellion that ignited a revolution.

After a day in Boston, you’ll definitely want to make your way across the Charles River to the nation’s oldest institution for higher education, Harvard University and take one of their Guided Historical Tours or one of the more enthusiastic Unofficial Tours.

Museums: If you’re looking to engage your intellectual or artistic side, Boston can appease with over 40 museums of scientific, historical, and artistic standing, in addition to Harvard University’s own 15 museums. Be sure not to miss Boston’s main museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, and the New England Aquarium.

Sports: If you’re any kind of sports fan (, except maybe a Yankees fan), from baseball and basketball to football and hockey, you’ll be lucky to live in Boston! Boston is home to four major sports teams: the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and the Bruins—all of which haveBostonians are passionate, die-hard fans. These games are always a blast and often after a win the celebration party begins onin the subway ride car home. To fit in as a true Bostonian, be sure to hit up at least one game a season. Even if you’re not a sports fan, make a stop at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. It is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium still in use today. The “Green Monster” is the iconic green wall along the left field of the stadium and is also the name of the team’s mascot.

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Parks: Boston’s cold New England winters make outdoor activities other than ice skating, sledding, and snow shoveling a challenge. But in the Spring, Summer, and Fall Boston’s natural beauty blossoms through in the city’s many parks. The main park in Boston, Boston Common, features an abundance of space, yards, foliage, and ponds to create a serene and open atmosphere at the center of Boston’s bustling streets.

But if you’re a real botanophile, you must visit the Arnold Arboretum, which is home to a number of different tree and plant species creating a natural escape from the city. For beautiful gardens, you may want to visit some of Boston’s historical cemeteries, such as the beautiful Mt. Auburn Cemetery., which branch natural beauty and a sense of spiritual connectedness that make for a perfect mental retreat from busy schedules.

Entertainment and Arts: Like other metropolitan cities, Boston boasts a stellar array of music, dance, and performing arts. For classical music fans, the Boston Symphony Orchestra offers beautiful nights of Bach and Brahms; and for the contemporary music lovers Boston hosts a number of concerts every month. Boston Music is a reflection of the city’sits diverse personality rooted in classical traditions, contemporary cosmopolitan attitude, and innovative intellectual agenda. The Berklee School of Music, the Boston Conservatory, and Emerson College supply the city with fresh and inspiring musicians, dancers, and performers, giving the Boston art scene an edge over other cities. The Boston Ballet and The Boston Center for the Arts offer professional performances to appeaseindulge anyyour artistic palatepallet.

Shopping: Shopping in Boston means one thing: Newbury St.. Newbury St. is the fashion row for Bostonians. From affordable fashion-forward stores like H&M to high end fashion houses like Chanel, Newbury St. offers a shopping experience to fit your style and budget. When the days are too chilly to enjoy a stroll down Newbury St., take a break at The Prudential Center Mall or Copley Place. These three spots, located within five minutes of each other in the Back Baydowntown Boston, are the best places for shopping in Boston.

Exercise/Gym: Exercise and fitness are essential totwo important factors in thea Bostonian lifestyle. While bikini season is brief in Boston, fitness remains an important factor all year long to the health- conscious Bostonians. Outdoor running along the Charles River is a popular pastimeoccurrence, but when the cool weather arrivescomes in, opting for a gym membership is a great way to keep up with your marathon-running companions.

Bars/Nightlife: Nightlife in Boston can be hard to navigate and unnecessarily expensive, if you don’t know the tricks of the tTrade. But thanks to a handy Nightlife Guide and a list of Best Boston Bars and Clubs, having fun in Boston has never been easier. While Boston is home to some upscale, swanky places like the fantastic Drink, where the cocktails are specifically crafted to fit your taste, no place in America does the dive bar and pub scene better than Boston, complete with cheap draught beers and live music. Don’t forget about Cambridge’s famous Cantab Lounge which offers a relaxed environment to be with your friends and dance the night away to live versions of Stevie Wonder songs. And for those nostalgic nights when you reminisce about childhood, head to Jillian’s, a bowling and + beer, 21+, club and bar.