Beantown, the Hub (of the Universe), the Cradle of Liberty, the Athens of America. Boston. Boston is a city with many nicknames: Beantown; the Hub (of the Universe); the Cradle of Liberty; and the Athens of America, among several others. These nicknames, like the city itself, haveare deep rootsed in American history, references to Boston’s colonial founding and the city’s central role in the American Revolution. That’s not to say Boston has ever rested on its laurels: tToday, the city isremains as thriving, cosmopolitan, diverse, and highly intellectual as any in the country.

The city of Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists, and quickly earned its place as “the Hub” of America by marking many “firsts”: it is home to the first school and the first college in the US—--Boston Latin School and Harvard, respectively; it heardosted the first shotbattle of the Revolutionary War during the Boston Massacreat Lexington and Concord; and it built the first subway system in the country, the MBTA.

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Bostonians are fiercely proud of their city and tend to embody a sense of eccentricity that parallels the Hub’s multidimensional culture. In this capital of the Red Sox Nation, locals are loyal to tradition and community and will defend their city to the end – no matter how bad the winters (or the Red Sox) might get.

Boston is undoubtedly a cosmopolitan and fast-moving metropolis, and the enormous number of students and young professionals in the area inspire a sense of energy and curiosity that pervadesis pervasive across  the city. Massachusetts has also led the way as one of the most progressive states in the nation, and Boston undoubtedly is the driver of much of this change.

The city’s population is, unsurprisingly, very liberal, and there is a strong focus on equal rights initiatives, “green” and sustainability movements, and everything and anything locally made. Those interested in politics or education will be excited by the constant energy around policy and reform in the city, while; business-minded folks will find the combination of “big finance,” start-up, and social-action-oriented businesses invigorating.

Across the Charles River, Cambridge, in particular, is renowned for its highly intellectual and creative culture: as the home ofto Harvard, MIT, and an ever-increasing number of tech, pharmaceutical, and life science companies in Kendall Square, the city has no shortage of well-educated and forward-thinking people.

One analysis of a favorite essay about American cities characterizes the “messages” that various urban centers send their residents, and the message from Boston is this: be smart because;, this is a town that runs on ideas. New arrivals to Boston will be impressed by the pervasive sense of community and collaboration that defines the area, but the truly impressive thing is that this “message” is one that has driven the city’s growth for hundreds of years.