Berlin is a city that has throughout history felt itself torn in many different directions at once, and the result is a dynamic, gritty, and surprisingly charming European capital unlike any other.

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Berlin stands out, unequivocally, as Germany’s cultural mecca. Click here now to read more about Berlin. 

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Berlin is the second-largest city in the EU after London, with over 3.5 million inhabitants. Each of Berlin’s neighborhoods is like a little city unto itself. To discover what makes each Berlin neighborhood uniquely different, read more now on Berlin neighborhoods.

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Looking for an apartment in Berlin?  Finding an apartment in Berlin is relatively easy and still cheap by North American or Western European standards. Search for tips on how to find an apartment in Berlin here

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Public transportation in Berlin, like the city itself, is not always pretty, but it is expansive and it works. Explore how to get around Berlin now!

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Berlin, much like London or New York, is remarkable for its culinary diversity. Read more about best places to eat in Berlin.

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There’s much to do in Berlin: history, culture, nightlife and easy excursions out of the city. Check out the many things you can do in and near Berlin now! 

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Here’s some lesser known and curious facts and information on Berlin.

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Looking for a job in Berlin? Search jobs in Berlin now!