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When Bombay became Mumbai and Madras became Chennai, Bangalore’s official name was changed to Bengaluru. The name Bengaluru hasn’t really caught on. Local residents still call their home Bangalore, as do the media, tourists, and expats. The name is derived from bendha-kaalu-ooru meaning ‘boiled-beans-town.’

Bangalore Lingo: The local language is Kannada but English is spoken widely. Locals often speak a mixture of English and Kannada simultaneously, which often gives rise to unique expressions!

Phrase: “Solpa adjust maadi.”
Language: Kannada with a smattering of English.
What it means: ‘Please adjust a little.’ This is the key philosophy and phraseology of Bangalore, and is adapted to any situation where the individual asking you to ‘adjust’ may not be conforming entirely to the law or norms of society.

Phrase: Digga
What it means:‘Digga is an abbreviation of ‘Kannadiga’, the main ethnolinguistic group of Karnataka and its capital city Bangalore.

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Phrase: Yella ok. Cool drink yaake?
Language: Kannada with a smattering of English.
What it means: ‘Everything is fine. But why a cool drink?

This phrase, which caught on big time, was part of an ad campaign for UB export beer. The success of the Yella ok. Cool drink yaake?” campaign was mainly due to the delivery of the punch line by the famous southern Indian actor Upendra.

The cool drink’ in the phrase can be substituted by other objects and situations, and the phrase has made its way into daily Bangalore lingo.

More Bangalore Lingo: Have a blast and confuse yourself with the samosapedia. (Samosa = fried pastry with savory stuffing, usually spiced potato.)

Bangalore Milestones: Bangalore was the first city in India to get electricity! And it is said to have the highest number of pubs in India (some say in all of Asia, but this is unverified).