A prominent Bangalore entrepreneur says that the biggest problem for Bangalore has been its growth, which has exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations. In the 70s and 80s, Bangalore was the city of gardens and pubs, less crowded and chaotic than other Indian metros; and with a cosmopolitan, laid-back culture and almost ‘hill-station’ like weather all year round.

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The Bangalore of today is a big, bustling, and ever-expanding megalopolis. It is famous for its IT (information technology) industry, the cradle of the city's outsourcing. Click here to read more about Bangalore.

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Bangalore neighborhoods are a mix of the restful old and the bustling new, with older neighborhoods at the city's center and newer developments at the periphery. To discover what makes each one unique, explore Bangalore neighborhoods now.

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Bangalore is still a place where you can rent an apartment large enough to give you a distinct bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and maybe even a balcony. Get tips and information in Zoomdojo’s guide to apartment hunting in Bangalore.

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Life is easier in Bangalore if you have a car. The city’s public transport system hasn’t kept up with its growth or ambitions to be a global hi-tech destination. Find out more about getting around Bangalore here.

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Like any big global city, Bangalore has every cuisine you could possibly want. Use quick and easy restaurant review resources like Zomato, Mouthshut, and Burrp. For all those good eats, discover where to eat in Bangalore!

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Bangalore is the city of gardens and pubs. It also has a vibrant cultural life that includes traditional and modern art, theatre, dance and music. Check out things to do in Bangalore now!

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When Bombay became Mumbai and Madras became Chennai, Bangalore’s official name was changed to Bengaluru. The name Bengaluru hasn’t quite caught on in common or media references to the city. Pick up some interesting and less well known Bangalore facts in Bangalore odds & ends.

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In this section, we'll post a short list of companies in Bangalore, "India's Silicon Valley." Search for Bangalore jobs now!