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16.5 million people come to visit Atlanta each year for both business and pleasure. Because Atlanta has so many attractions on offer, it might be useful to know what you absolutely cannot miss! 

Civil Rights History in Atlanta: Don’t leave without visiting the  Martin Luther King Jr. National History Site, which features MLK Jr.’s childhood home, his crypt, and the Ebenezer Baptist church where he was a pastor. It will make you not only appreciate the history of MLK Jr., but also his impact on Atlanta and the Civil Rights movement.

Corporate Atlanta: Atlanta is the headquarters of Coca-Cola and at The World of Coca-Cola, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the genesis of the world’s favorite beverage. On the other hand, a visit to CNN Studio Headquarters will give you a firsthand look at the station’s control room, allow you to watch newscasts live as they happen, and finish it off with a ride on the world’s longest escalator.

Atlanta Things To Do

Art and Culture in Atlanta: Atlanta has a particularly flourishing art scene. Little Five Points is known for its bohemian theater hangouts, including Horizon Theater, 7-Stages Theatre, and Dad’s Garage—all three of which are award-winning venues. Atlanta also boasts several art galleries, a comprehensive list of which can be found here.


Shopping in Atlanta: While people come from all over the South and the country to experience Atlanta’s shopping, the Buckhead area in particular is legendary for its luxury shopping. Check out the Atlanta Buckhead Shopping Guide for more information on this stellar shopping center.


Nightlife in Atlanta: As T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris, and Usher will undoubtedly tell you (if you happen to meet them), Atlanta has one of the most active and storied nightlife scenes in the country. Atlanta is home to legendary clubs and world-renowned DJs. Nightlife in Atlanta gets going as early as 5 pm—when the lounges, nightclubs, and bars open their doors.


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