Atlanta neighborhoods vary widely in character and composition. Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Druid Hills and Little Five Points are all popular areas for new arrivals. 

Atlantic StationAtlantic Station is the ideal Atlanta neighborhood if you are an intern or a young professional just moving to the city. Located in midtown Atlanta, it is a bustling, happening neighborhood with nightlife, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Atlantic Station is a trendy place to live with a variety of housing options, including high-rises, townhomes, and bungalows for rent. Be careful though—high demand here means rents can be expensive.

Buckhead: Buckhead, the uptown district of Atlanta, is considered one of the most exclusive places to live in the city. Here you’ll find high-end boutiques and shopping districts, fine dining, and expensive clubbing, to complement your high-flying career. Additionally, Buckhead is a major business district, with several top companies headquartered in the vicinity, making commuting extraordinarily convenient.

Atlanta Neighborhoods

Druid HillsDruid Hills is a planned suburban community that was spearheaded in the early 20th century by the leading lights of the Atlanta business community, including the Coca-Cola family. Located near Emory University and Emory Hospital, it is a popular place for students to find apartments. Renting an apartment here is easy because of the fluidity of the tenants and prices are reasonable. Druid Hills is also known for its great amenities: there is a popular gym, Athletic Club Northeast; a local cinema, Tara Cinemas; and plenty of restaurants.

Little Five Points: Little Five Points, located east of downtown, is another popular Atlanta neighborhood, especially among young professionals and students. It is known as a “bohemian community” for its many theaters, art galleries, record stores, and tattoo shops. It has great live music bars, including Star Community Bar. Additionally, Little Five Points has several must-see attractions in its vicinity, including the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

Although Atlanta has many nice neighborhoods, it also has some very bad ones. You should definitely avoid renting in crime-ridden Grove Park, Center Hill, and Bankhead, the area around the airport, and exercise caution in the western neighborhoods in general. However, Atlanta’s crime rate has decreased drastically across the board in recent years, even outstripping national trends, and the city is no longer the hotbed of violence it was in the 2000s.