Getting Around

Getting around Atlanta, GA can be tricky—the city is spread out, highway traffic can be brutal, street names repeat themselves, and Atlanta public transportation is limited. Virtual Tourist offers a guide to getting around in Atlanta.

MARTA: Atlanta public transportation revolves around the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). The Atlanta MARTA system is not extensive and routes can be complicated to navigate. Stations are concentrated in the inner city and downtown. In addition to a subway system, MARTA also includes a bus system that is completely integrated into the rail system. MARTA is useful for getting to and from the airport and for seeing the popular tourist attractions.

Driving in Atlanta: Atlanta, GA is definitely a “car city.” Despite the traffic, the automobile is still the best way to get around a city that is ringed by one interstate (I-285) and bisected by three others (I-85, I-20, I-75). When you’re traveling by car, be sure to have your route carefully planned out before you go. Exits on the highway, street names, and directions can be especially tricky to navigate. Also be sure to leave with plenty of time—during rush hour, traffic can be at a standstill and your journey may triple or quadruple in duration as a result.

Atlanta Getting Around

Atlanta Taxis: Taxis generally charge flat fares to and from the airport and metered fares for other rides. Flat rates for airport journeys tend to run between $20-40, depending on the destination or origin. Hailing a cab can be difficult at times, especially during rush hour, so have the number of a taxi company on your cell phone to ask for a dispatch service. Atlanta Checker Cab and Yellow Cab of Georgia are two well-known taxi companies. Ridecharge can also connect you directly to multiple Atlanta taxi dispatch systems. Additionally, Uber has started service in Atlanta from the airport to many popular neighborhoods.

Atlanta Cycling: Cycling in Atlanta can be difficult because of the sheer expanse of the city. As the city continues to develop, however, cyclist advocacy groups have begun to pop up all over, looking for ways to turn Atlanta into a bike friendly location. Check out for more information about biking in Atlanta.

Atlanta Airports: Atlanta is famous for its international airport, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport. It is serviced by taxis, rental car services, cars for hire, and public transportation (MARTA). Parking is also available at Hartsfield Jackson, running from $2 per hour or $40 per day. For information on other, lesser-used Atlanta airports, check out the Atlanta Page.