Apartment Hunting

Moving to Atlanta? Atlanta, GA is spread out and has many neighborhoods to choose from, so you should start by narrowing your options about where to live in Atlanta. As you are searching for the best place to live in Atlanta, we recommend this Atlanta Newcomer’s Guide and this Atlanta Apartments guide.

Atlanta Apartments with Budget-Friendly Prices: For interns searching for a bargain or short-term location in Atlanta, GA, check out the Emory Off - Campus Housing Finder. Also, be sure to look at student newspapers from Atlanta colleges like Emory, Georgia State, and Georgia Tech, as students will often post there looking for roommates.

Check out the usual haunts for Atlanta apartment listings like Craigslist.com. However, for Atlanta specific sites with budget friendly prices, be sure to look at AtlantaLoftsAndCondos.com, RentalsInAtlanta.com, and AJCHomeFinder.com.

Atlanta Apartment HuntingITP or OTP: When moving to Atlanta you will inevitably hear people saying “ITP” (inside the perimeter) and “OTP” (outside the perimeter). Atlanta’s city perimeter is denoted by the I-285 highway that encircles it. OTP areas are not considered to be in Atlanta city, and are the suburbs, while ITP areas are inside the city limits. When choosing where to live in Atlanta, there are advantages to living OTP or ITP. OTP tends to be less expensive, but also means a longer commute into the city and to work. Living ITP, you will get all the advantages of Atlanta city-life – proximity to public transportation, lively nightlife, etc. – but you will also have to deal with a higher cost of living, especially living downtown.

Commute: In your search for the best place to live in Atlanta consider your commute. Atlanta traffic can be heavy, especially at peak hours. If you do not want to drive, some Atlanta neighborhoods with good public transportation access include Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Downtown, East Point, and College Park.

Safety: Atlanta has the safety concerns typical of a large metropolitan area. There are specific areas like south of downtown or west of downtown and midtown that are known for being relatively edgier than others. Public transportation is generally safe and frequently used, especially in the daytime.