Monday Jan 9 2017

2016 Best Employers for College Students

2016 Most Attractive Employers for College Students

The votes are in! For the 2016 Universum Talent Survey, 70,000 college students voted these organizations as their Top 5 employers for the following majors:
Top 5 for Business Majors: Google, Disney, Apple, Ernst & Young, J. P. Morgan
Top 5 for Engineering Majors: NASA, Google, Boeing, Tesla, SpaceX
Top 5 for Computer Sciences Majors: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Disney
Top 5 for Natural Sciences Majors: Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, Centers ...

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Tuesday Dec 20 2016

The Most Common Job Qualification Required

The Most Common Job Qualification Required

After reviewing more than 100,000 internship and entry-level job opportunities listed by hundreds of organizations, we have consistently found one particular skill described as a desired or required job qualification, across the board. Regardless of the job type, the one qualification or requirement most organizations seek in a candidate is "strong writing and communication skills". Most students have limited work experience and, in general, are not expected to have highly developed...

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Friday Dec 9 2016

You Do Not Need an MD for a Career in Medicine!

You Don’t Need an MD for a Career in Medicine

Medical doctors get all the press. Just think of House, M.D. and Grey’s Anatomy.  What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, right? Nobody ever says “phlebotomist” or “radiographer.” But maybe they should!

As of January 2016, the healthcare and social assistance sector employed a whopping 19 million people in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - which is nearly twice the population of Greece or Portugal. Furthermore, the sector has grown by four million jobs...

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