Why Cover Letters Matter
Why Cover Letters Matter

Resume updated? Check!  And, cover letter? Not that important ... so, no problem. WRONG!
You’ve updated your resume, and are now in the throes of applying to internships and jobs. Did you put any thought into your cover letters? You think to yourself, no one reads them… well, you could be right, but you could also be completely wrong. 
You may be wondering what the purpose and role of the cover letter is. Beyond the resume, the cover letter gives you an opportunity to tell the prospective employer what you can do for the company. You can use it highlight aspects of the resume or add additional information that did not fit into the resume. Simply stated, the cover letter is a way to communicate why you are right for the job. 
But remember not to waste this prime real estate. The average time a recruiter spends reading (or scanning through) a cover letter is 3-5 seconds, giving you less time to make an impression than you will take to read this article. You should be precise and gain the reader’s attention from the very first line, which should explain clearly what the cover letter is about (E.g. Subject: The Human Resources First Year Apprenticeship). You should not repeat facts which already exist in your resume. Rather, you should provide strong (and interesting) supporting evidence of why you can do the job better than anyone else. 
Unless explicitly instructed not to include a cover letter, it is appropriate to write one as part of your job application; and for many employers, it is an expected part of the job seeker's package. While there's no certainty that your letter will be read, it is a valid communication and marketing tool. And from your point of view, your letter may catch someone's attention and help you move up in the pool of applicants under review. You really have nothing to lose - and everything to gain - by writing a strong cover letter for each job that you apply for.

So don’t disregard cover letters. Take the time to compose a meaningful cover letter and increase your odds to achieve job search success! 
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