Secret to Interview Success: Mock Interviews
Important Interview Tip for Students

What’s the secret sauce to interview success? Mock interviews. 

Mock interviews are one of the best and simplest ways to sharpen your interview skills. They should be a must for everyone preparing for a job interview. Here’s why.

You are set for your interview. You’ve updated your resume, done your company and industry research, finished preparing answers to likely questions, and also prepared questions to ask your interviewer. What more can you do to be truly ready for your internship or job interview? Answer: scheduling and completing at least one mock interview. 
The purpose of a mock interview is simple. Telling your story to another person takes practice. Very few people can make a presentation or a speech without a dry run. Practicing out loud to ensure smooth delivery is a must for all of us. Actors and musicians have dress rehearsals for performances, so why shouldn’t you have a dress rehearsal for your interview? The mock interview will provide you with the opportunity to hear yourself give the narrative. You’ll have the opportunity to adjust and fine-tune your presentation from checking your voice articulation, tone, modulation (a voice sound check) to checking on your physical presentation (body language), while also reviewing your content. 
Mock interviews are especially useful if you have an opportunity to practice with someone who has more interview experience than you. The interviewer doesn’t have to be a seasoned pro; anyone who has had some interview experience can help you identify gaps in your narrative or where to add greater emphasis to help you shine more. If you are able to tap an alumni or a friend working in the area you are seeking employment, you’ll find their insights invaluable.
The mock interview pulls together and tightens up the material that you have been preparing for your interviews. Encouraging words of support give you an extra confidence boost. After practicing your new and improved interview technique, you will feel an increased level of confidence and poise for the real deal. 

If you really want to go the extra very worthwhile mile, record your mock interview. It’s truly an eye opener. You’ll learn more about your interview skills and gaps viewing one recording than you can ever imagine. For many of us, the recorded mock interview was a game changer.

We are certain of the benefits gained from mock interviews. It’s the secret sauce to a more successful interview.  
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