2016 Best Employers for College Students
2016 Most Attractive Employers for College Students

The votes are in! For the 2016 Universum Talent Survey, 70,000 college students voted these organizations as their Top 5 employers for the following majors:
Top 5 for Business Majors: Google, Disney, Apple, Ernst & Young, J. P. Morgan
Top 5 for Engineering Majors: NASA, Google, Boeing, Tesla, SpaceX
Top 5 for Computer Sciences Majors: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Disney
Top 5 for Natural Sciences Majors: Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, National Geographic, American Cancer Society
Top 5 for Humanities Majors: Disney, United Nations, National Geographic, Google, FBI
Also noteworthy were the not so obvious employers that ranked high in each of the categories. Here are some of those less than obvious top organizations selected by your peers: 
Business Majors: Major League Baseball, Under Armour, Southwest Airlines, Teach for America
Engineering Majors: US Department of Energy, 3M, NASCAR, Pfizer
Computer Sciences Majors: Peace Corps, Hasbro, Nike, Bose
Natural Sciences Majors: IBM, Nestle, Coach, PetSmart
Humanities Majors: Random House, Gap Inc. Best Buy, Target
This second list underscores the importance of being a creative job searcher because organizations you never considered before may fit your career interests. So, time to explore and discover and expand your career search options! You can start by searching @Zoomdojo.

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