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"Access to success via careers, internships and jobs, the Zoomdojo initiative." Carol Rattray & Ritu Banga, Co-Founders

“Your company name is Zoomdojo? Cool!”  That’s what we hear often from students, and it is usually followed by, “How did you come up with Zoomdojo?”

So what’s in a name? Coming up with a name seems simple - but to find a name for a website was much more complex than we had imagined! After searching far and wide for a word which was not yet owned as a domain name, we decided to look to our roots, and from there to find a word which not only described what we hoped to achieve but also had meaning and relevance to both of our heritages.

We think of ourselves as guiding students to find their way from school to college to career, with our website as a learning platform, and the word “dojo” came to our minds as a description of what we do. In Japanese, the word is 道場 which means “place of the way”. In the West, 'dojo' describes a martial arts school. Going back in time to India, the origin of "dojo" derives from the Sanskrit word “bodhi-manda” which means seat of wisdom”. The universality of "dojo" resonated with us.

At the same time, our initiative hones in on careers and skills readiness for youth. And we are nothing if not impatient about delivering results! As we kept wanting to “zoom in” to change the world in a very focused way, we put the two words together and got ... Zoomdojo! Luck was with us, as no one owned the name in any form on the web. And, with that, Zoomdojo began.

What is Zoomdojo?

Zoomdojo is a career initiative for students and recent graduates. We aim to increase career readiness and career access for youth as they go through high school into college, and then into their first jobs and, perhaps, their second one. 

Our open source online tools and resources include a proprietary global internships and jobs database; a vertical search engine which provides information only on internships and job opportunities for students and recent graduates; an e-portfolio which we developed to help young people record, track and update their skills, achievements and experiences; and a résumé builder which converts this e-portfolio into a fully formatted résumé, either on laptops or mobile devices, in seconds.

Offline, our workshops and events provide relevant information to prepare students and young professionals for 21st century careers. The topics of discussion that we frame are designed to influence how students view the world of work, enhance their career readiness, and enable skills development. These highly curated events present the future of work to students, assist students to recognize broader career trends and prospects, and connect employers to educational institutions and students. In addition, we conduct soft skills development that target key areas for career success, such as communication and networking skills, dressing for success, and negotiating skills.

We have conducted conferences, panel discussions, seminars and workshops in the USA, Canada, India and China. To date, we have organized, coordinated, co-hosted and executed over 150 such events, with over 6000 attendees in total across these events. In addition, we have participated in over 35 events and/or platforms as invited panelists, lecturers, pitch competition judges, moderators, podcast interviewees, and bloggers.

An exciting and unique aspect of the Zoomdojo initiative is our volunteer group of Zoomdojo Young Professionals. These young professionals mentor students who come to Zoomdojo events, and also bring their career experiences to the Zoomdojo website through interviews, résumé samples and write-ups on cities where they work and live.

The immediate adoption by students and educators of our online tools has become a predictable success outcome. In addition, we believe that the annual renewal of partnerships, and increasing number of invitations from a diverse group of educational institutions and organizations focused on youth career readiness and success are additional evidence of the value and positive results of our services, as recognized by professionals, educators and students.

We design and adapt products to suit the needs of the organizations we work with. Contact us for details on how our product offerings can be customized to your needs to help your students and young professionals achieve success in their careers and internship and job search.

Made by women, Made in New York

We are a New York City company which works and thinks globally. Our founders, Ritu Banga and Carol Rattray, are both minority, first generation American women who have lived and worked around the world. So it is important to us that the Zoomdojo initiative encompasses first gens, minorities, international students and student veterans. You can learn more about Ritu and Carol and Zoomdojo programs on the following pages.

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