Sample Interview Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

Think about possible questions in advance and practice your answers. This will give you confidence and help you make the most of your interview. While you never know exactly what you may be asked, here are some basic, commonly asked questions. Remember these are only possible questions and not a complete list.

1. Walk me through your résumé. Tell me about yourself.
2. Why ... finance, technology, media, consulting, etc?
3. Why this company? Compare and contrast with competitors.
4. What is your greatest strength?
5. What is your greatest weakness?
6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
7. Describe a situation where you had a problem and how you solved it?
8. How would your teachers, peers, boss describe you?
9. Tell me about your course work, grades. Why is your GPA low?
10. Talk about the jobs you have held. Why these jobs (especially if in an unrelated field)?
11. Specific questions related to the occupation (quantitative problem, math formula, bond pricing, estimation, case study, etc.).
12. What do you like to do in your spare time?
13. What is your favorite book? What books have you read recently?
14. Questions to determine if dates and information on résumé are correct. (Make sure résumé is current and has no typos).
15. Will you relocate?
16. Do you have any questions?
17. Is there anything that we did not cover and you would like to add?
18. If not a US citizen, what is your residence or work status? (This is permissible by law).