More Résumé Tips

Résumé Vocab Empowerment

Enrich your vocabulary in your résumé by playing ‘word games’ that lead you to strong, positive words and a variety of action verbs.

Additional Résumé Tip: Improve your résumé vocabulary by visiting college career websites. Use their pages for vocabulary improvement to get words for good résumés.

Words for Good Résumés: Communication Skills

Authored Collaborated Composed Consulted Defined Developed Directed Edited Elicited Formulated Influenced Moderated Negotiated Participated Persuaded Presented Proposed Recruited Reported Solicited Summarized Translated

Words for Good Résumés: Creative Skills

Acted Adapted Composed Conceptualized Customized Designed Developed Directed Established Fashioned Founded Integrated Introduced Invented Modeled Originated Performed Planned Revised Revitalized Shaped Solved

Words for Good Résumés: Data/Financial Skills

Allocated Analyzed Appraised Audited Balanced Budgeted Calculated Computed Determined Estimated Forecasted Measured Planned Prepared Programmed Qualified Reconciled Reduced Researched

Words for Good Résumés: People Skills

Adapted Advocated Advised Aided Arranged Assessed Clarified Coached Counseled Developed Diagnosed Educated Enabled Encouraged Evaluated Expedited Guided Informed Instilled Instructed Motivated Persuaded Provided Represented Resolved Simulated Supported Taught Tested Trained Tutored Volunteered

Words for Good Résumés: Organizational Skills

Approved Arranged Coded Collected Compiled Executed Generated Incorporated Inspected Logged Maintained Monitored Obtained Operated Organized Processed Provided Registered Reviewed Scheduled Screened Supplied Standardized Systematized Updated Validated Verified

Words for Good Résumés: Research Skills

Analyzed Collected Compared Conducted Determined Diagnosed Evaluated Examined Explored Extracted Formulated Gathered Interviewed Investigated Located Reviewed Summarized Surveyed Systematized Tested

Words for Good Résumés: Technical Skills

Adapted Applied Assembled Calculated Computed Constructed Designed Determined Developed Engineered Fabricated Installed Operated Programmed Regulated Remodeled Restored Upgraded