More Résumé Tips

Reading Résumés ‘Bottom Up’

Looking for Soft Skills

GPA’s and desirable majors are good to have; but to discern which new hires would be a good fit and add most value, many companies are reading résumés ‘bottom up’. Employers are looking for passionate, curious and well-rounded employees with good interpersonal skills and positive personality traits.

Clues to the ‘Real’ You

All those seemingly ‘not so important’ achievements and activities – gardening with your grandmother, solving unsolvable puzzles, the time you drove home from L.A. to Pittsburgh, your passion for music – are clues to the ‘real’ you. They indicate your passion, your commitment, your tenacity beyond the job.

What makes you ‘Pop’?

Some companies are starting to read your résumé from the bottom of the page where your true personality is buried. And only if they find that you ‘pop’, will they move up to look at GPAs and course selections.

So think of who you truly are, and make sure that your résumé captures it.