More Interview Tips

Research Your To-Be Employer

Are you going off to an interview? Did you do your research? You get extra credit! Job-hunting - ‘hunting’ is an action verb. ‘Hunting’ involves working, searching, networking, researching. All that research will pay off when you sit down in front of your interviewer.

Here are some tips to cover your bases.
1. Google the organization. Check out recent magazine or news articles.
2. Bloomberg Businessweek, Wikipedia, Hoovers, Manta are some sites that can provide you with useful, current information on companies.
3. Read the organization’s latest press releases.
4. For a public company, check stock price (from company website or from sites like Google Finance or Type the company’s name to get quotes. You will also see recent headlines on these sites.)
5. Check annual reports and published brochures for what the organization says about itself.
6. Read the local newspaper from where the organization is based, for general context.
7. Most importantly, if you know people working at the organization (or people who have worked there in the past), ask them about it.