Software Engineer Intern (Winter) - STCA BJ in Beijing

Software Engineer Intern (Winter) - STCA BJ
Beijing China

Job Details

Updated on 2019-05-20

As an integral part of the global team working on core products with core technology, Software Technology Center Asia (STCA) plays a significant role contributing to overall Microsoft applications and services products development. It is dedicated to the development for a wide range of Microsoft applications and services products such as Microsoft Office, Office 365, Bing search engine, online advertisement platform, artificial intelligence assistant Cortana and Microsoft XiaoIce, big data, machine learning, speech and natural language processing, as well as internet and mobile related products. Located in Beijing, Suzhou, Taipei and Tokyo, Software Technology Center Asia (STCA) has more than 1000 R&D employees.


As a highly efficient development team, STCA also has mission to develop and improve Microsoft internet products and services in Great China Region, Japan and Korea, it has established many important partnerships with local players in these markets.


STCA has a team full of high caliber talent with rich experience and great passion to product, customer and technology.  It is a place in which every employee is highly valued. It provides not only world class challenges to solve but opportunities to make world class impact. It encourages every employee to develop and advance their career globally and freely.


Software Engineer is to work with project manager to understand the customer and market requirements, architect and design software systems, implement and ship online service product with high quality assurance.


 Strongly passionate about software design and programming, capable of learning quickly and continuously; strong interest and curiosity in technology
 Excellent analytical skills and problem solving skills, obsessed with customers
 Solid background on computer science or related areas. Candidate with software development experience is preferred. Candidate with certain level of specialty in computer science or software engineering is preferred
 Batcher or master degree in Computer Science or related engineering areas is preferred
 Willing to take challenges and initiatives, be a team player, and with accountability
• Able to work effectively in an environment where English is the primary working language

Software Engineer Intern (Winter) - STCA BJ
Beijing China