2021 Graduates Winter Intern - Technical Account Manager - GSMO - Beijing in Beijing

2021 Graduates Winter Intern - Technical Account Manager - GSMO - Beijing
Beijing China

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Updated on 2020-02-24

Microsoft Aspire Experience (MAE) Program

The MAE program is a customized learning experience designed for our newest university hires in various full-time roles within different organizations. This two-year program complements your role by ensuring that you receive professional development to enable you to start strong, accelerate your impact, build your network and drive a long-term career at Microsoft. We do this by offering you world-class training, online resources, coaching from some of the brightest minds in the industry and a global community of MAEs from more than 70 countries. The content focuses on starting strong, accelerating your impact, building your network and driving your career at Microsoft.


The Customer Facing Technology segment of the business helps customers and partners discover and implement high-value Microsoft solutions that generate rapid, meaningful, and measurable results. With its global partner network and support infrastructure, Microsoft Services segment of the business enables the successful adoption, deployment, and use of Microsoft solutions and technologies for all customers, from the individual to the enterprise. Microsoft Services is designed to provide the right scope of services at the right time, including localized support solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.


Job Content/Job Description

We recruit services positions based on business requirements every year.

Below positions are for your reference.


Technical Account Manager

Do you enjoy working with large Enterprise customers and understand what it takes to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction? Can you spot the trends in customer technical support use and use this knowledge to make them more efficient and effective? Does understanding a broad range of Microsoft products and being an expert at describing their value interest you?



• BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering.

• Will graduate before June, 2021 preferred

• Work experience at school or part time should involve technical consulting, development, and deployment

Demonstrate the people person ability including good listener, disciplined, passion on new technology, having hobby with positive attitude

2021 Graduates Winter Intern - Technical Account Manager - GSMO - Beijing
Beijing China