How to Find Cheap Flights With Google Flights


Finding the cheapest flight can be a headache and you are never satisfied, because there are always deceptive promotions, with cheap tickets that do not include taxes or extra costs, so in the end you end up paying a higher price than you were looking for.

One of the most reliable applications to do these searches is Google, which since 2011 offers a platform to find flights available on different airlines.


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Therefore, Google launched an update to its Google Flight search engine and introduced two new services: cheap flights and potential flight delays.

According to a statement issued on January 31, the new functions will allow comparing flights and schedules with more than 300 airlines, giving priority to the cheapest tickets.

Google Flight takes into account only airlines that are in accordance with their privacy policies and that have their respective certifications, thereby avoiding potential scams to their users.

In addition, the new function warns of extra costs, taxes or surcharges for extra luggage, exposing the total price for which you must pay, as simple as that.

Potential flight delay

Another novelty in Google Flight is an algorithm that anticipates possible flight delays, using historical data and air traffic information in real time.

It will also inform in real time delays and cancellations of flights, explaining the reasons, one more advantage of this tool.

In as much its algorithm to predict cancellations, delays and until the time of the delay, counts on a system of automatic learning, anticipating to cases "even before the same airline knows it".

Also, the company details that all its predictions are made public until it has 80 percent confirmation.

"Do not let uncertainty, be it for the small print of the rate options or for potential delays, keep you away from your next vacation. We will help you to reach those sunniest skies, "explained Google.

The new features are now available for Mexico, to try it click here.

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