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Google Matrix Airfare Search - ITA Software" is a really powerful Google tool to look for cheap airfare. If you feel overwhelmed by the countless functions, you better use the Google Flights web app, which is much easier to use and based on the same technology.


Booking takes place at partner sites
Unlike the normal web search, Google Flight Search users always end up on an ad page after the selection. For anyone who clicks on the "book" button will be redirected to the website of an airline or an online travel portal. "The booking links are ads," reads the note.

To start the flight search in Germany, Google has "brought a pool of partners" on board, as a spokesman on request says. These partners pay to be listed. Also taking part are the two largest German airlines, Lufthansa and Air Berlin.

Two years experience in the USA
Back in 2010, Google had bought ITA Software in Cambridge, Boston, in the United States. The software company specializes in finding flight prices. From the perspective of the travel industry, it was only a matter of time before Google directly entered the business of flights.

Just a year later, Google launched the Flight Search application in North America. Then followed individual countries in Europe. In Germany, the Google flight search was released only a few days ago.

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