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If previously there was a Google Trips app to facilitate users in booking hotels and make iterenary or travel plans, this time there is also a service from Google to facilitate airplane booking , namely Google Flights.

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Google Flights in Indonesia comes with the name Google Flight is a service that not only presents the price comparison of airfare, but can also be a guide to find hotels with the best location and price.

Google Flights is not yet available in the app, but Google already plans to create it. Currently, Google Flights is still available in wesbite that has a responsive look.

For those of you who are planning a trip, use Google Flights to book a plane ticket fast and safe. Here's the review.

1. Provide holiday recommendations
Google Flights - Recommended Holiday

Do not know where to go yet? With Google Flights, you can get the best holiday recommendations.

For example, in choosing a date. Choose a flexible date in the 'roaming' column. You can choose the month and date and how long you want to go on vacation.

After that, Google Flights will also recommend your favorite vacation location according to the time you have chosen.

By choosing the city or location you want, you will get information about the cheapest flight rates available up to long flights.

2. Help to find and compare best plane prices
Google Flights - Compare the Best Ticket Rates

As mentioned earlier, Google Flights can also help us to get information on the cheapest flight rates available up to long flights.

With Google Flights, we can search and compare the best aircraft prices, simply enter the origin and destination of the flight, and fill the number of people who will go and whether the flight will be done one way or round trip.

After that, Google Flights will bring up the best price airplane recommendations and give price comparisons from each airline. When about to order, we will be directed to the official website of the airline we choose.

If you are not ready to book a ticket, a button is available so we can monitor the price. If a price change occurs, we will get a notification or receive an e-mail notification .

3. Have map integration
Google Flights - Map Integration

In addition, one other interesting feature of Google Flights is to have a map that is integrated in the service price comparison plane has.

So, once we choose the location of the departure and destination of flight, Google Flights will display a map showing the flight route. On this map, we can also see the cheapest price from the location of other airports.

We will also be directed to the destination city map. This map will show various hotel recommendations based on location and price range. So we can immediately find out the best hotel recommendations in our destination city.

That's a review of some features owned by Google Flights. For ticket purchases, Google will still direct to the official website of each airline. What do you think about this Google service on this one?

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