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A topic in which my friends ask me always holes in the stomach, is the subject of flight booking. And just for self-interest, so that I can always send a link to this article in the future, it's all about tips and tricks on how to find the best flight.


Flight Search Engines in Comparison - A Self-Test

So one thing I can tell you, looking for flights is agony. At least, if you are looking for the BEST (and ideally the most CHEAP) flight. If it does not matter if he is on the road for 12 or 40 hours and who does not get it for one or two euros, google for the flight search engine, close your eyes and move your finger very fast up and down on the Screen, count to five, stop and where your finger points on it, there you click on it and just book the first best flight, which it shows you then.

But, I'm a Swabian and at the same time frequent flyer (at Miles & More I already have the Frequent Status! Oho) and therefore I have three requirements for my flights:


The flight should be as cheap as possible, because throwing money to the window is not me.
Therefore, I also want to fly in the ideal case with an airline, in which I am registered in the points system (and no, it makes no sense to simply log in to all, because then the points collect does not bring much, a little loyalty is already part of) With me that's just Miles & More (Star Alliance) and topbonus (oneworld)
The flight should be as pleasant as possible (read: good machines / airlines and the shortest possible flight duration)
And to find that perfect flight, you need time and a lot of patience. And a little know-how. And since I'm currently looking for a flight, I'll take you on this trip.

The key data

Flight from Berlin-Tegel to Bangkok (I do not like Schoenefeld and if the journey starts with a kack airport ... well, you know).
Dates: Departure 12th March 2015 - Return flight 15th April 2015
2 persons


As a rule, I always start with the relevant search engines. Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak, Swoodoo and most recently Matrix at Google and Google Flights.



I like Skyscanner , it's not as pretty as Momondo, but I've often found good flights over it. For example, Skyscanner also allows you to enter a country as your destination instead of an airport. I think that's pretty good, especially if I'm flexible and want to travel around the country anyway. A little tip on the sidelines for spontaneous "I MUST HERE OFF" attacks, you can also enter "All places" and let's see, in which country you can just fly cheap. Skyscanner is weakening in terms of flexible scheduling but offers to be able to search in a full month or even a year, but if you want to keep your dates so rough and yet be flexible for a day or two, Skyscanner will not make it easy ,forwarding from - travel details
At Skyscanner, I found a flight from airberlin / Ethiad that would meet my requirements. (Aeroflot is cheaper and faster, but not oneworld or Star Alliance). After I have chosen the flight, I will be forwarded to ebookers, where I could book the selected flight directly for € 1358.36 .



Momondois definitely the prettiest flight search engine, which certainly attracts people to your site. Here you can not select a country, but only airports directly. You can not enter flexible data for the search query, but a table will be displayed above the search results on which days the flight would cost how much and I can change the date with one click. At the moment they seem to have a problem with the filter option for the duration of the trip, but I know that has worked before. At Momondo you can also look for fork flights, which can be an advantage. I did not use it for my purposes, as I will most likely fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui or Chiang Mai,

At Momondo I found the same airberlin / Ethiad flight, which it had shown to me at Momondo even cheaper than Skyscanner, but I was forwarded to the selection on, where the flight was then no longer available.



While Kayak does not allow you to select a whole country, when you open the map you can enter up to four different destinations in one country. In addition, you can also enter flexible data directly here, whereby the flexibility can still vary. I decided for +/- 1 day. Since I'm just on the shortest possible flights, one of the first things I do after viewing the search results is to narrow the overall flight time. This is not possible at Kayak at first glance, only when you open a new menu and scroll down, this option appears.Elumbus

I entered directly at Kayak three destinations: Bangkok, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai. However, on page 22 it still only showed me flights to Bangkok and either that does not really work or the flights to Koh Samui or Chiang Mai were too expensive anyway. I gave up after 22 pages and remembered AirAisa again. Again, the airberlin / Ethiad flight was shown to me as the best alternative, after the forwarding I came to Elumbus, where I could not directly book the flight, but again had to search for it. As a result, I was then shown the flight with new flight data, which initially irritated. However, that made even more sense in the case, since the outward flight is a night flight and of course I could go on Wednesday evenings and thus have a day more travel time. Price:€ 1210.40 . Because Elumbus has somehow interested me (I had never heard of it before forwarding), I did a new flight search there, with the result that I got the same flight, but € 28 more expensive.



Swoodoo and Kayak belong together, but thanks to the annoying TV advertising, Swoodoo is a household name, so I wanted to search here too. In principle, everything works like Kayak. Again, I found the airberlin / Ethiad flight and was then forwarded to Opodo, which offered me the flight for € 1286.40 . What I found interesting, however, was that it indicated to me via a pop-up that the price could probably go down in the next few days again at SEVENTH EURO. Aha.

Four flight search engines came so according to my specifications all on the same flight. With a price difference of around € 150 (we still talk about the price for two people).


So how much does this flight cost if I book directly with the airline?

In general, it has happened to me very often that I have either found the exact same price at the airline, or even an even cheaper flight. (This is partly because of the fact that sometimes with the other offers baggage still has to be booked separately, so read carefully what you get offered for the price!) So how much does this flight cost if I book directly with Airberlin?

€ 1358.40

Irritatingly 4 (FOUR) cents more expensive than the offer I was directed to through Skyscanner and thus the highest price in this flight search game. On the other hand, it is nice to see on the page how much a flight would cost, for example, two hours earlier / later or the day before / after, and thus secure the better times again.


Matrix Airfare Search / ita software from Google


Yes, that is not known to many. Google acquired ita Software in 2010, making various offers for the tourism industry. An offshoot of this is the Matrix Airfare Search . There I also enter my data and am surprised. Suddenly it shows me a flight that it has not shown me yet. With Lufthansa back to Bangkok and back with Austrian. And all for € 1,281.42 ! That's very interesting! Since I fly more often with Star Alliance, as with oneworld and the flight also seems quite cheap, I'm already inside a leap of joy.


Google Flights


Yes, there is a second option to find Google flights. Google Flights . I'll guess that behind it is simply Matrix, ni prettier processed. Anyway, it has also shown me here the LH / Austrian flight.

However, the Google history has a catch, because you can not book directly at Matrix or Google Flights directly, at Matrix is ​​advised to contact the airline or a travel agency, at Google, there is at least the possibility to various other providers forwarded to become (in principle, the other search aircraft do not do anything else). On Google Flights, I just clicked on the top, which was in this case and then I was the Google selected flight but no longer displayed comparable flights (even with LH and Austrian but just different and not quite so sent for me) were € 1,300. The alternative in a travel agency to ask for the flight, I still keep open.


And now? What does the flight cost at Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines?

At both Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, I did not get this one specific flight. Similar flights were available for around € 1,600 . An offer for my desired flight, which it had indicated to me with Matrix: out with Lufthansa and back with Austrian (at the indicated times and at the price) I did not find any, which could be booked online.


So book the Airberlin flight? Miles technically it would make more sense with Lufthansa for me (and I could thanks Frequent status in the business lounges at the airports). Hmmm. I have to let it sink again. What do you all mean?


So how do you find the best flight?


As I said: it takes time and patience. But these points are definitely important if you are looking for the best flight.

To be flexible. Sometimes flights are much cheaper one day later or one week earlier. The more flexible you are, the greater the chances of a bargain
Do not look first at providers where you could book the flights directly and not look first at an airline directly

Not just a flight search engine, but several if possible check. Maybe they all say the same flight is the best, but are the prices the same? In my case, I came up with two different flights and a difference of about € 150, of which you can make a nice day of vacation.
Always check directly with the airline. Maybe they have an offer? A look at the start page is worthwhile!

Better to look early! Lastminute is a game of chance, of course you can sometimes find a good flight on short notice, but the shorter the route, the more expensive the flights are shortly before departure, at least that's my experience.

Book short- and medium-haul flights as early as possible, several months in advance makes sense
Long distance does not necessarily have to be booked so incredibly early. Out of the gut, I would estimate one to two months lead time but at least.
Then of course there are other tips, such as Flightfox , where you pay a fee (from $ 49) and experts then take a flight search. I have never tried it, I prefer to look for myself and take time for it. But it is definitely interesting.


Then there is the matter with the IP address, allegedly remembers the respective side and then offers you, if you do not book directly, the same flight just rudely again expensive. But no one could prove that by a hundred percent. So if you do not book directly, it might make sense to look for a different IP address next time. Also, the deletion of cookies or the parallel search on different browsers supposedly help. Honestly, the search is so exhausting enough for me, I do not do that too. But yes, prevention is better than aftercare.


I let my flight search now first with me and then maybe tomorrow, first on the phone or from another computer, again look for these flights, who knows, which I'll book then finally. And who knows, maybe someone of you feels like playing the search game and still finds other flights ... then always in the comments!

Addendum: Since the topic came up in the comments below and not everyone reads the comments, here is a small section on the subject of flight inspiration!

I just want to get away, I do not care where


In my particular case, it is now so that I know where the journey should go and therefore have been looking specifically for a suitable flight. But sometimes it is the case that you want to travel, but you do not know exactly where and want to be inspired. For one thing, you could of course hang around for hours on my travel blog or here on the Smart Travel Hub and let yourself be inspired.

On the other hand there are other possibilities as well. For example, as mentioned briefly above, Skyscanner offers the option of choosing "All Places" instead of an airport, thus displaying possible destinations worldwide. Then there are also two other great games.



Kayak Explore

Kayak has (but only on the .com version) an "Explore" function, which indicates any flights on a map, directly with prices and also the possibility to refine the search results, for example by indicating that it is at the destination should have at least 25 ° Celsius. Here is the direct link to Kayak Explore (if you just enter, you will be redirected to the .de page and there is no such function).




But there is even a HUGE Flight Search Engine - Adioso , which is completely designed for inspiration. So you can enter, for example, that one of a certain airport (unfortunately, the departure airport must be explicitly stated