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Google has announced a new service in its search engine that will delight all those who have already started planning their summer vacation. 
It is an integrated flight search engine, which will allow us to find which flights are available and the companies that carry them out very easily.

We will only have to enter in the search box the origin and destination of the flight we want to find and a list of all possible flights will appear.

Do you want to know if there are flights from Madrid to Lisbon airport? Try to write, for example: "flights madrid lisboa" and you will get a list with the available schedules and dates and the companies with which we can fly. From there, we can enter the website of that company and make our reservation.

The company has bought ITA Software , a company that is dedicated to comparing flights, so it is expected a much more interesting service for the user if possible. We refer to the comparison of prices , a utility that can be very comfortable and accessible.

You can read the complete news, by clicking on this link.

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